Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hot summer

Good morning to all early readers ^^ ! Woke rather early, had peach tart for breakfast. I just finish packing my bag as i'll be going swimming later. And when i was about to packed finish, i decided to do a post about what i usual bring when i go swimming. As my computer have not start up properly and i still have some time.

Toletries are very very important weh nyou go swimming, firstly it's for personal hygiene and to take care your skin after a long swim under the hot sun. My toletries includes
- Comb & hair accessories
-Powder, The Body Shop
-Aloe Vera gel, Personal store e.g Watsons
-Sunblock, Personal Store
-Shampoo, Soap, Hair conditional & Facial wash, Personal store

The Sunblock that i used is Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-touch sunblock, SPF 70. It's water&sweatproof . Can apply on face & body . As said in the description, it provides superior balance broad-spectrum protection against skin-aging . Always apply your sunblock 15mins before sun exposure. Honestly, i would always fail to apply 15 minuntes before.

Aloe Vera gel, this one damn important one. After you fnish your shower, do apply this on your skin as it gives the cooling ans soothing after sun relief your skin needs . Had been using this ever since i started learning swimming as my coach told me that it's good for the skin after sun exposure. Banana Boat (Y) !

Powder is not nessary if you already got the aloe vera gel.

Hair pin, Rubber band & Comb. The hair pin and rubber band is to secure your hair if you do not have a swimming cap unless you want your hair to be all over your fave when you swim? 0.0 I don't know lah, but i always tied my hair in a low pony tial and clip up my fringe. Always tied your hair in low pony tail as it 'll be easier for you to wash your dry hair later. And if you have a hair brush, bring it ^^ . It's far better then a comb as it has bigger teeth(?).

Re-used soap bottles, small ones. Easy to bring and the amount is enough. As you can see all three bottles are shampoo but you're wrong ! I re-used the bottle and filled it with my own body soap, shampoo and conditional. And not forgotting, facial soap ! Freaking important alright. Alway always wash your face after you fnish swimming and do condition your hair . As you know, after a long swim, your hair would be very dry so...must wash properly with shampoo then condition it ^^ !

Swim wear, goggles, towel and plastic bag. Goggles are really important, and if you happen to forgot to bring one and you happen to not dare open your eye in the water...well guess you can forget about swimming and go play at the lazy pool or the wave or the slides. And opening your eye in the water can be bad as after awhile, there will be the red line thingy. SO...must bring goggles ! Towel and plastice bag also very important. You need to dry yourself and put your wet swim wear in the plastic bag .

And that's quite about it for the things i bring when i go swimming. Of course you need to bring phone, keys and your wallet with COINS !!! As you'll need it for the lockers and the lockers only accept 20cents . As for the ticket machine, you can always use notes ^^ !

Alright, i better go get change now !


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