Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Some people had being asking me about how to lose weight, so i decided to do a blog post about this. Hopefully it'll help you guys. Anyway, if you really wanna know more about it. Go for tumblr, there's alot of thinspon tumblr. And they're really really great. Most of the things i know are from there.

The first thing that you might not wanna do is to skip meals, because if you ever attempt to, you're probably end up eating more on your next meal. Not only that, skipping meals is bad for you tummy and will result in gastric pain. One should know the difference in hungry and cravings for food. Always try to drink more water. Most cravings can be reduce by bloating yourself with water. Plain water, will be your best friend if you plan to go for a healthy diet. It helps to increase your metabolism rate.

Secondly, always have a good breakfast. As it is the first meal you have every other day, and it's the most important meal too. And it's the only meal where you should not hesitate to eat. For students who go to school, your recess might probably be around 0930-1100 and before you come to school, you'll have breakfast at home, around 6plus. If you're worry that you're eating too much meals in one day, for instance, you had breakfast at home and then during recess you got yourself a rice, veg and meat. You're probably eating too much in a day, meaning too much calories. As for me, i would actually just drink a cup of hot drinks and packed myself two bread with kaya to school and i'll have it during recess. But the problem is, i tend to get hungry before it's my recess, so always drink plenty of water to bloat your tummy before it starts singing.

Gotta to be very strict on the food you eat. No sweets, biscuits or tibits. Only dark chocolate. But once in awhile do pamper yourself with one sweet or a cookies ^^ . Some good food that you can rely on. Berries are really great snacks, good for the brain, protect heart and improve balance. It actually prevent cravings ! Almond nuts, build muscles & reduce cravings too ! Peanut butter, build muscles and burn fats ! Ginger, increases body heat, metabolism rate and work towards burning fats. Boost your metabolism by drinking green tea too. The vitamin C found in citrus fruits offers a fat-burning, try drinking orange juice or adding lemon to your water.

In order to lose the fats under your skin always go for cardio training. Make sure you start your cadio training at least an hour after your meals. Cardio training includes, running, swimming, walking vigorously, jump ropes, hola hoops, inline skating and dancing . Everyday spend about 30min on cardio training would be enough, The number of calories rage from 170 - 425 . Surprisingly, inline skating can actually burn at least 425 calories in 30minutes, as it demands more movement from our body then the straight motion of running.Running can burn about 375 in 30 minutes, with constance speed. Runner’s shape is sleek and lean, and there’s a reason for that: The major running muscles — legs, butt, core — happen to be the biggest calorie-and-fat-burning muscles in your body. Jump ropes can burn 340 calories in 30minutes. Jump with your feet slightly apart and body upright, and keep your jumps low to the ground. Don’t have a rope? You’ll get the same benefits by doing the movements rope-free. This are some of the main cardio training. To tone your arms, doing push up can help or carry some weights.

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