Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Don't bother to read this post if you're gonna judge it. Please feel free to leave .

This few days I've being thinking alot, causing me to be restless or getting tired easily . I think no one would really understand how one actually feel, think or they things they go through. I have a complicated mind, i tend to over think stuff that i shouldn't be worrying about or at least to a certain extend only. I think alot in a day, about almost everything that happens and somethings it gets on to me, and i couldn't take it. Then depression starts kicking in and everything seems so hopeless and nothing seems to be worthwhile. And the worst part of it, there's nothing i can do or to stop myself from thinking about all the current events that's happen in my life. It's true that people say i can hardly express myself, in fact i hate to. Because no one would really understand and who knows if they really care. Mostly are just curiosity. A few, are really worried. But we'll never know, will we? One should always know that, a lie can be said so easily and people trust it so easily too.

Everybody have their problems, some may be the same, some may be different. But it's really the way they face it that makes a really big difference. Some of us would rather avoid it and just leave it there, causing the problem to worsen. Others might struggle their way through it or face it bravely and accept anything that comes in their way, not letting those things stop them. Those kind of people are really strong, they know how to control the situation and how to handle it. Not letting the slightest of their emotion affect them . I really look up to people like this. I don't really mind if I'm not like that because i know how things work for me and how I'd react to situation like this.

Other then this, people should just accept the way people are born, how they look like, the way they act or their character. If you don;t like them, just shut up, they don't need your nasty comments or how you look at them. It's not like they are force to born this way or you being force liking them. Get it right please. I don't find it funny, wrong or weird for one to sing the anthem loudly or say the pledge loudly. What's wrong with that, is it even funny. Grow up and get to your senses. Stop the stares and loosen that grin of yours kid. People like them are special in their very own way, there are certain things they can do better then we can. They're not born for your entertainment, you guys clearly knows that people like them are special, can't you guys just leave them alone or at least try to be nice.
* Listen to my prays .

One should never rely so much on someone but rely only to yourself because you're never know when they'll be gone and when they are, you lose yourself just like that. At least if you rely on yourself, you wouldn't have to worry about something like that unless you actually loses yourself. But once in the while, i feel like I'm losing myself, lost in the thoughts of mine. Wishing to be save. It's like everything you even thought that was real, came falling on to you. All so broken, not in piece and buried all the happiness in you. Leaving sadness behind, haunting you down in your thoughts. And before you knew it, depression kicks in just so easily.

However, like how i always tell my friend. Bad happenings don't least, so does good happens. So embrace the moment whether good or bad because it'll all be alright one day and we'll know. Live your life to the fullest, with no regrets or hesitations, just do it .

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