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1st July 2010, Friday ♥

Hoho, finally it's friday and that marks the end of the first week at school. Went to Pasir Panjang Hawker Centre to have dinner with Pa-Ma and pa's friend.

Got home and planned to use the computer after i had my bathe but, unfortunately, my computer did not mange to start up properly, it restarted like freeflow. So i decided to go take a nap, at 1600. After that woke up by the sound of the television, playing nothing's over by Infinite . ♥ It really woke me up and make me feel good. Their voice like a nice ~ . Okay, after that join sister to watch Music Bank.

After that went to shower and doll up alittle on the eye and tried out some blusher :$ . Never put on blusher out before cause my cheeks got the natural redness already ^^ . Anyway, i apply abit only. After that off to look for uncle they all us mama don't know how to go the hawker centre, so have to follow behind lah. HAHA, uncle have to drive real slow for my mama to catch up. Epic xD .

Look at the cute owl, got this polo tee at Kelantan, bought it together with Yuuchi. My hair getting longer already ♥ .

Today's outfit, polo tee with black shorts with black slippers. bored on the car, so tied my hair into plaits and camwhore, of course ^^ .

Ohoh, i wanna get a new ribbon fast !!

Soon we reach Pasir Panjang Hawker Centre, the parking lot there like a small only but we manage to get a spot. After that went to look for seats. Uncle they all went to order our dinner and ordered drinks too. That's the shop where we order out food.

"Gonggong" Didn'y try this before because i personally think that it doesn't taste nice and it looks weird and gross too. But after trying it, it's actually....really really nice but you got to eat it with chilli of course. Thinik it's to cover up the original taste of it which i think it'll taste awful . Anyway, it's worth trying (: .

Pa so good, help me dig the thing out ♥ . Aww.

This is how it looks like, don't judge a book by it's cover alrighty ! xD

Once you got it dipped it in to the chilli sauce, you can put it in your mouth and stay chewing this delicious gonggong ! ♥

Fried rice with egg, prawn and sliced fish.

Very tasty and you wouldn't get sick of it after eating it.

BBQ stingray with chilli, this one is a must try !!! Damn delicious, you'll never get enough of it ♥ . The chilli spicy enough and the meat very tasty too. And don't have much of the over cooked smell (: .

Chillie veg, this one also a must try ^^ ! Guess it's the same chilli as the stingray so it's equally spicy and delicious ! Yummy (Y)

Fried veg with ikan bilis, didn't eat much though. Because don;t know what's that also. The veg like long bean but long bean not so thin one what. Anyway, it was oky lah overal.

The satay look like Bakkwa, cause it's like super red one and it's sweet sweet one. So i ate it with the sauce !

My plate of foooooooooood ! (Y)

Look like Bakkwa right?! xD

And here's the sauce that i'm talking about, looks so tasty in the picture already. When you see it on your diner table, you'll make you want to eat more and more or it because it's really nice ^^ ! It makes the stay even more tasty!

And the ketupat with the sauce...ohmygod~ I wanna eat it now ! DE-LI-CI-OUS ! ♥

Didnt try the fish, anyway, uncle actually finish it all by himself so i guess it tasted very nice ^^ . But, this fish alot bone. Like freeflow of bone like that lah . So i don't like .


Because it's really nice and worth to eat ♥

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