Sunday, July 03, 2011


After The revenage of the mummy ride, Sam, Yunting and Alexie decided to go try the Battlestar Galactica : Human & Cylon . It is the world’s tallest dueling roller coasters. The Cylon Raider is a suspended roller coaster that will turn your world upside down as it runs through vertical loops, corkscrews and cobra rolls. The Human Viper Mark II is a seated roller coaster that zooms at 90km/h and propels you fourteen storeys into the air. So while waiting Yuuchi, Shirley and Me went to find a place to settle down first along with Sam, Alexie & Ting's belongings, we so poor thing right. Needa help that take "DA BAO XIAO BAO" . , xD . Urgh, the weather so hot .

Shirley propusly stand straight, as you can see, i'm lowering my back, that's why she look taller :p . Anyway, today with both wear black so cute right ^^ ! Eheheh. :D

Whistle* Pretty girl >>> Yuuchi .

Alexie came to join as after that after knowing that you can't choose on the ride as there's the Human & Cylon one. So she decided not to take the ride. After that we went to play the Accelerator, it's like the spinning teacup. Kinda lame though, cause there will be this retarded woman sound that will say the percentage of the spinning power. The worst part is, from 20 - 90% got no difference . Epic fail .

Capture alot Shirley's blur look face. Acting cute again, tsktsk xD .

Yuuchi showing off her big big eye and long long lashes.

Advertising Yunting's bag ^^ !

Me and Alexie, " He He "

Shirley and Yuuchi ^^ !

Now all four of us are spinning in this yellow thingy.

After the ride, i bought Strawberrycheesecake ice cream ^^ ! So so de-li-ci-ous !!


After that we decided to go take The Revenage of Mummy again !!! Was kinda scare again, as i just finish eating the ice cream, later i vomit D: Anyway, didn't care much cause we're already in the queue already ^^ @ Manage to convince Alexie to sit at the other side so that me and Yuuchi can take the middle seat. This time, the ride was as scary already as there is only one 'drop' . So i had fun ^^ ! Took the ride twice this time :D ! Fell damn shyok please.

After that walked back to the New York city to take a feel shots !

Can see our reflection? :$

The guy that we're taking photo with he....damn freaking weird one >< .

After that we went to the Hat shop? Wah, there got alot different type of hat ^^ !

Like a nice yo ^^ !

Shirley look cute in that ^^ !

Firewoman >>> Y U U C H I !

Policewoman >>> M E :$ .

After that went back to look for Samantha and Yunting, they decided to take the ride again so we plan to meet them at the New York city there in about 20 min time. So while waiting , Yuuchi they all decided to go Far Far away to buy the potion bottle .

Samantha laugh till like that xD .

Hoho, we'll selling bags ^^ !

Got like 6 people bag with us man ~

So so T A LL !!

Walking fast to Far far away ~

That's the potion bottle i'm talking about. That one is apple juice inside.

Hey apple :p .

Yuuchi enjoying her cold drink in sucha hot weather . (Y)

The blue one is buleberry of course !

All very very nice :D .

After that walked back to New York, so so tired please ): . See yuuchi, resting on the stone.

After that we camhore at the museum :D !

All act innocent 0.0 .

Soon Sam and Yunting came to look for us ^^ !

And Yuuchi, Alexie, Shirley and me took a group photo ^^ !

Part (III) coming up soon ~

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