Friday, July 08, 2011

Eating disorders?

Currently i'm waiting for the video to be loaded to my blog post, don't know how long it'll take also, heard that he might take up to an hour ! OMFG DDD: . Anyway, i'm gonna try to upload it into youtube then upload the video to blog. Maybe like that fast ? Hope it'll works.

So while waiting i went to take my weight, again DDD: . I have no idea when i gain so much damn weight ! Before the holidays, i was like 3 kg lighter than what i am now ! This is so freaking devastating ! I guess, i can only blame on the food i eat during the kelantan trip. Everynight eat supper, then eat so much tibits and cup noodle ! Pizza & KFC too ! During the holidays, eat alot good food also ! And whenever i stay up late, will go to the refrigerated to get something to bite !

Sister say i'm gaining muscles weight, is that possible?

I really wanna loss that 3kg fast !

H O W ?!?!

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