Sunday, July 03, 2011


After that we decided to go have lunch as all of us were starving already. Went to Loui’s NY Pizza Parlor to have lunch. A wide variety of traditional Italian pizzas, as well as some local Singapore favorites, including Hawaiian pizza, tandoori chicken pizza, vegetarian pizza and more. It also includes pasta too (: .

Yunting & Yuuchi wanted to eat something else insead of pizza, so they ordered pasta with hotdogs/meatballs. Alexie, Sam, Shirley and me share the family meal . 6SLICE + 4 DRINKS + 2SOUP = $50+ ^^ ! It's cheap right and one slice of the pizza is damn big one but quite thin. Anyway, i didn't finish mine share of pizza, one and half slice.

While the others when to order their food, left me and Yunting, so we played with the camera, well as usual ^^ . See what this girl doing with my sunglass?! Ask me take photo somemore. HAHAH, joke. I took it for her one, how nice of me :$ .

And here's a shot of me and her, heehee ^^ ! Take photo with cute girl, i'll shy :$ . Omg, my eye so so small .__. . Anyway, love her alot ^^ ! Always bring a smile on my face .

But hor, she always use her phone infront of me one ! So rude, make me jealous only ): . She use phone look so serious one, but usually she's like one crazy girl like me xD .

My sunglass, i wanna get a new one with white as the outer color (: .

Soon the food is served ^^ ! Mushroom soup with some biscuit thingy on to, very very nice ^^ !

That's our table number ^^ ! It's his age too ^^ .

Yunting ordered, pasta with hotdog, her favourite kinda food cause got hotdog. HAHAH, epic ^^ ! I did try the hotdog, not as nice as i expected though. But if you're hotdogs lover, it's worth trying (: .

Yuuchi ordered pasta with meatballs, beef meatballs i think. Didn't try it but i guess the sauce is the same and the pasta sauce is really really nice ^^ ! And Yuuchi did fnish it, if i'm not wrong (: . Guess it's really nice then .

Advertising the soup but like failed cause can't really see the soup at al and i should have pose something better, maybe like a thumps up? :x

LOOK HOW BIG THIS PAZZAAAAAAAA IS ?! So many hummmmmmmmm :D !

My dearest Sam, served us the pizza, kinda difficult cause it's freaking big one . >< After that we all spam....C H E E S E ! Pizza w/o cheese?! No way !

Alexie getting ready to have a bite but i stop her in time to get a shot ^^ ! There you go (: . Enjoy your pizza ^^ !

Shirley trying to show off her pizza to all of you :)) !

Me too ^^ ! Think this is a rather sucessful advertisinf of the pizza ^^ ! Can;t wait to have a bite yo ^^ !

Samsam, look so bless like that ^^ ! But actually she got bully by Yunting only lor ! Cause Yunting kept spamming cheese on to her pizza as she finish her meal already and have nothing to do !

The picture not very clear, but if you were there, the amount of cheese is like freeflow on Sam's pizza ! Poor thing ): . But cheese is nice (: .

Now everybody enjoying thier food ^^ ! Chew chew chew !


All snatching for the cheese -__- ! Naughty girl ah ! Cannot play with food okay ! Aespecially when we're still eating ! Make us all laugh like mad only.

Tsktsk, Yuuchi yor image spoile already lah ! Play somemore ! Look like she having have right, wanna join her ? So CHEESE ~

Me trying my best to finish the god damn pizza ! So so big when the amount of space left in my tummy so little ! Manage to finish my first slice and i'm the slowest D: .

Alexie look so funny, thanks to Yunting lah. Taking random shots of everybody !

Another serious look when handling their phones.

U to the S to the S !

There's some left over of the pizza? Anybody want it ?!


So there's isn't any for you, you or Y O U !

Goodbye (:

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