Saturday, July 30, 2011


Yellow printed top, bought when i was sec 1 .
Have not wear it for like 2 years already. So it looks kinda small now but still comfortable (: .  

Pink short hoodie ( Bought this when i was sec 1 too.
Used to be a outer wear. Very comfy and the hood is not the small small kind.

Today i went to the Flea Market @ SCAPE for the first time. It's really awesome, if you guys have not check it out do get down to SCAPE every Saturday afternoon and get the best deals there. Price starting from $2 for clothes. You can find clothes, bags, accessories, shoe & ect there. Oh, and always walked finish the whole market before you start purchasing anything, so you'll get the best price :) .  Anyway there will be a Flea Market at Concorde Hotel, facing Istana on the 6th, 13th & 20th August ! Remember to bring cash, try to bring a bug bag to put your purchased items ^^ !

Here are the items that i bought today with 34bucks.

Got this from The Lady Boutique.
The ring cost  $5.00 and with any other purchase which i've gotten a ear stud, the total is $9.00.
Actually i wanted to get another ring, 3 skull but somehow i didn't get it in the end.
Do visit their website @

Got this pink top for only $5.00 ^^ ! It's really pretty and it's from POLO (: .
Love the material and the cuttings, very simple.

After that i went to walk around and found this face mask shop. I didn't intend to buy the mask in the first place but i was brousing through the mask for sometime. So i decided to buy some. Offer, 10 for $10.00 however i refused to so i told her how about 5 and before i name the price she said 5 for $6.00 . I guess she was hoping that this will change my mind in buying the 10 for $10 instead of 5 for $6 . But i didn't :p .

Anyway, i've already tried the mask before posting this.
The mask is so cooling and i felt great after using it. Kinda regret not taking her 10 for 10 offer.
Anyway i still have 3 of mask. I gave one to my sister (: .

After that i went to another shop to get a tee foe only $4.00 ! It's from Promeloe and guess what i went to check it out and the actual price is like $12.00 ! Really glad to get such good deals :D . Anyway do visit them @ or

The other top that i got from one of the stalls, got it for $5.00 .
This is my most favourite buys of the day. Love the color and the material .

Bought this when i was about to leave the market, got it for only.....:$3.00 !
Love this too ^^ !

There's a shorts that i bought for $5.00 but it turns out that the cutting is so freaking small and i can;t wear it. So i'm gonna sell it away with aother shorts of mine, brand new. Gonna sell both together @ $10.00 ONLY ! There's another blogshop that i saw there, THPAPERPLANE. Visit them @

Lastly, i wanna thank mummy for giving me my $30.00 early monthly allowance ^^ ! I brought $53.00 and spent $39.00 . Can't wait to go another Flea Market, probably on the 20th August ! ^^

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