Saturday, July 30, 2011

SHOP TILL YOU DROP . ( edited)

Advertorial for Mummy's Taiwan Spree, visit @ PRETTY APPAREL . I wouldn't be featuring all the Taiwan Spree, only a few. Cutie, Joyce, Eye-Scream, Amye Shop &  PG美人網( BAGS) . Taiwan Spree sells a large variety of clothings with affordable prices. Not only does it sells clothings, a number of them sells heels & sneakers, accessories and bags . New arrives will be updated every week and there will be discount at a certain period of time too. However, the waiting period is about 1month excluding re-stocking items which will take a longer period.

 No payment = no order, unless you're my friend which have the privilege to give late payments . Bank payments. Strictly NO cancellation after payment is made. Due to overseas purchase so no complaints/exchange/return/refundable for product or quality issues. Self collection can be done at Teban Garden Road, to be pre-arranaged. Saturday meet up, 11am - 3pm at certain places. Sunday, 11am - 1pm at jurong area. Or you might prefer postage, Normal/Registered mail. Postage Fee for clothing bear no responsibility for lost/damage orders by Normal post. Therefore, Registered mail is highly recommended.

I'll be posting a few clothes and taking in orders.
Send in your orders in this format.

Normal/Registered mail/Meetup:

Item URL:
Amt in NT:
Alternative color if OOS:

Exchange Rate: NT20 = Sgd1.00
Total Price for ordered items in NT/20 + (Shipping/Handling charges x total qty)

For more inormation do visit @ PRETTY APPAREL

PG美人網( BAGS)





Email me @ for any enquiries .

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