Thursday, July 21, 2011

Life like this

Hey guys, really really sorry for not updating my blog for like days. I've been busy studying and there isn't much new things for me to talk about . AND, because i've been studying so much, there's more and more pimple on my face and i'm having this hairfall problem. Most of the people around me said that, i'm too stress or i'm not having enough rest or maybe it's the hot weather . However, i'm not as stress as before, over stupid and unnecessary things that i shouldn't even give a damn. You know I-D-G-A-F . That's kind of thing. Anyway, i can't be bother about it already, because it doesn't matter. All of it. And i feel real good right now because i know i have wonderfull friends and family . I have things i should focus on, my studies and my results. After this 3months are over, it's gonna be great. (:

Anyway, i've prepared a post for you guys tomorrow so do stay tune ^^ ! Hopefully i'll do a vlog tomorrow and probably post it on saturday . In case you guys misses me, here's some photos. And if you don't, kindly cross it or just close it away . x.o.x.o

New app that i installed, PopBooth .

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