Saturday, July 16, 2011

Short update.

Hello hello, today went to watch Harry Potter and The deathly Hallows Part 2 ! The movie was nice, more action compare to part 1 and it's really great. Kinda sad as it's the end of Harry Potter, such a nice movie yet not many watched it. Referring to some of my friends xD . Thinking if i should read the book anot, hmmm.....just the thought of it * In deep thoughts . Guess not (: .

Anyway, plan for tomorrow, study for history test, read notes and memorise . Can i focus? Hmmm...pray that i will ! Anyway, the test is on tuesday. So i have tomorrow and monday ! So tomorrow gonna take it slow first. Don't think i'll be going out tomorrow. Had been going out since thrusday, friday & saturday. Spend about 50bucks and below? Not alot right? I mean, for three days alright. I think quite little already ^^ . Anyway, go out not good, very difficult to find healthy food to eat D: . Can't wait for period to end so i can go swimming !

Wonder when will my clothes arrive, can't wait and when it arrive i'll do a blog post about it and advertise about it too, i guess ^^ ! Hopefully i can balance my study and relax time properly. So tiring ): . Anyway, just for another 3months and it'll all be done and over ! Shall end my post here.

If you don't like my face you might wanna close this as the next few photos will be ME .

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