Friday, July 22, 2011


Hey guys, i'm back here with a long post with many many many photos of course. I took the risk of taking my camera to school to get some shots just for you guys, so you better better better appreciate it :$ . Okay? Alright, today i'm gonna post about my school life, something about it. The attire, grooming, environment & foooood ^^ !

Firstly i'll be talking about the attire and grooming. Many of us would like to put down our hair & fringe and just go school like that. Having more than one pair of piercing on our ear, i mean like two piercing ain't alot . Wear ankle socks. No school unifroms or socks. Able to wear fbt during PE . Having to follow those rules, naked face ( hair all up ), one pair of piercing, school/above ankle socks, proper uniforms & PE attire. These rules are like argh, i'm sure many of you agree with me. IT'S ALL SO ARGHHHHHHHHH DDD; .

Alright alright, i know why we're not allow to put down our beautiful hair/fringe, people would say that it'll cover our eye then we can't see, come on it's not like we're blind right? Moreover, some of our fringe is above the eye, what the teachers expect, above eyebrow and then we'll look some weirdo? Can't we at least look nice in school since the uniform it's already like....idk how to describe also. Beyond words. Anyway, IF. WE. DON'T. DO. US. WE. ARE. TOLD, we'll be send for detention and that's what the teachers are really good at. Tsk.

Next, piercing and studs. I'm pretty much pissed about this issue. Well..i had two piecing on my right and i usually get caught by my form teacher during assembly so i just take it out and put it back after that. I don't see the point of them catching us, i mean we'll put it back again right. Waste thier time and ours. So, i finally decided to just wear one stud. The stud that got is a bunny with hands & legs. ( I'll post a photo of it soon). The leg is a bit daggling only ANDDDDDD my god damn teacher say cannot ! And at that moment i made up my mind, one stud you not happy, two stud also not happy. Well, i not goona care anymore just gonna have two stud daily. Catch all you want. My godness, really don't know what is her problem . Argh.

FBT SHORTS, OHYEAH FOR THE WIN, IKR. Hmmm...fbt shorts are too short and exposes your butt?! Come on, no way ! There's a reason why they're call shorts and they're really really comfortable . I don't see why we're not allow to wear them because i've seen seniors in our school wearing it and some other CCA groups. So what's wrong with it? Some other school also allow, why our school don't. I understand that some people may see it as over exposure but it's a shorts, it's meant to be short .

I know the photo look really really ridiculous anyway, laugh all you one. Okay back to the point. This is of course our school PE shorts, one and only alright. Look how ridiculous the shorts look like, it's like so long .___. . Untill the knees !! So usually we'll have to fold it, like 2-4 layers ?! Alot isn't it. If not i think you'll see the whole ISH crowded with clowns ( x.x ) .

And this is me with my hair tied up in a high pony-tail with my fringe pin up with a small rde ribbon. Look how naked my face look like, being expose to all, my ugly face D; . Look how unwilling i look, i'm sure many of you feel exactly the same. Anyway, we have to do as we are told. D; Unfair ! Before i move on, i didn't take any photos of my unifrom and school socks because it really suck. But i'll show it to you guys soon (: .

This is how my class look like, look pretty much messy? As you can see there's a number of people standing, walking around the class i guess and my class is freaking noisy. Sometimes, i can't take it, but still i love my class alot :D . The class room is very very green and there's alot of paper on the wall. Mostly are useless, really x.x .

This is my table, and under my table there's books& files. Because i'm lazy to bring it home and the books and files ain't light at all. So you got to understand that i can;t afford to carry a heavy bag to and from school . It'll hurt my shoulders and affect my growth. And who's here to massage me? No one DDD; . But our form teacher also force as to bring it back. There's this one time she confiscate my textbook. LOL, damn epic. I knew she'll retrn it back so i didn;t worry much :p .

Look at the table, it's no longer in good conditions, don't you guys think that it's time for the school to purchase new table and chiars or repaint the walls as it's not as clean anymore. I mean, if the table is in better condition, it'll probably enlighten us during lessons. You like " TINK " ! We need better environment.

Here's some of the shots i got of my clique. They make my school life so so so much better. Without friends in school, it'll be like hell every single day x.x . Can;t imagine that, probably suck D; . Can't even think about hell school days. There's always Yuuchi, Yunting, Shirley & Alexie ! Not forgetting Samantha and Yainping though we're in different class but during chinese lesson it's always really great to have them with us ^^ ! Oh, do visit Yianping's blog @

Next up, SCHOOL FOOD !!! There's 7stall, one drink stall and six food stall. Sorry guys, i didn't manage to get a photo of every food in our school, i didn't have the chicken rice and noodle. So sorry, i've stopped eating chicken rice ever since i've started my diet plan and it is the onlt thing that i sucessfully stopped eating. And i never like the school type og noodle(soup) so not gonna try it.

Pasta W cream sauce, heard form Yuuchi that it's pretty nice if you got the just cooked one, which menas it's still hot and the pasta is not sticky. The suace is quite nice. The price is around $1.20(?) .

Malay stall (1), selling rice/fried rice/chickenrice with nuggets, veg, seaweed-chicken, wedges, curry chicken & ect. Alway always always have your plain rice with curry if not it'll taste awfull x.x . Anyway, this stall sells pretty cheap (: .

Malay stall(2), sells the same thing as stall 1 and noodles & ect . I seldom eat from this stall but usually it'll be long queue for the malays . I've notice about that. Pretyy nice, the curry is spicy enough. I think. The noodle all those like too expensive cause the amount not alot.

Chinese stall(4), Selling rice with many other veg,meat or fish. Very nice and it's always the longest queue among all the 7stalls. The price always increase, too expensive and the rice the gave very little also, think they scare we waste x.x . But give little rice, don't cheat our money lah ): . Anyway, let the uncle serve you instead of the aunty cause the uncle will give discount ^^ ! HAHAH.

Stall(3), selling waffle, fried chicken wings, french fries w cheese, wedges, pasta, chicken chop and ect . Not forgetting the hot drinks and cold drinks too. The waffle & muffin is really really really nice ^^ ! Waffle with kaya is my top favourite food in school ^^ ! The fried chicken wing is very popular, but only sells on wednesday. This stall have a number of new food like, pasta, chicken chop & baked rice. Not bad, earning more and more money already uh !

So that's quite about it ^^ !

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