Sunday, July 24, 2011

Still got tonight

Yesterday went to help mama to deliver goods to her customer, went from one place to other. LOL, the bag all big big and heacy heavy one x.x . Anyway, glad that i'm able to help mama ^^ . Ate fishball noodle at bugis then after that i got myself one jollibean and 2 kaya toast with butter . Gonne get fat ))); . Took bus back so that i can enjoy my toast during my journey back.

Went to the slon to get my hair treatment and facial. Facial was damn painful as there's more pimple then usual and it had been ages since i went for a facial . Anddddd, it was so relaxing that i fallen asleep. Like so long didn't relax and sleep peacefully already. After that had my hair treatment. Now my hair so so soft and smooth ^^ ! I like :D .

Steamboat for dinner ^^ ! Only took one scope of rices, ate alot of veg, meatball, fishball and sliced fish ^^ ! All so yummy :D ! Took a few shots of my niece too, damn freaking cute ^^ . Oh, her photos ain't in this post. Alright, i'm gonna go sleep now . Nights !

Day's outfit, white shorts (oldnavy) with tanktop (joyce shop) & the black thingy (Cutie) .

Lately i don't know what had gone into me.
I've been acting like a bytch, hope you understand .

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