Thursday, July 14, 2011


What i've been up to this few days. Monday after school, went home to have lunch, leftover from last night's steamboat ! Lunch was delicious, two bowls of soup full of corns, meatball, veg, mushroom & ect . The soup so sweet and nice ^^ ! Was really really full, so didn't eat much for dinner as i eat lunch around 3plus . Like a late right, i know. At night, studying for alittle.

Tuesday, Actually don't have remedial so i've planned to go home and cook pasta but suddenly teacher say got remedial due to a certain reason, maybe one very lame and it just pisses me off. Like a dog please. Damnned. Anyway since the remedial isn't conduct by our main teacher, i decided to give it a skip. If no i have to wait alone from 1330 - 1500. Which is more then an hour. So i decided to give it a skip ^^ . So after school, i rush back home. Took out the ingredients then had my bathe before cooking. Hmm..was really really excited cause didn't cook Pasta before. Did the preparations and took a few shots for you guys :) .

The pasta took some time to be cooked, other then that everything was rather alright. Soon , finish cooking and it's ready to be me ^^ ! It's really really delicious and for the first time i actually ate all the peas, usually i wouldn't be eating any of it but i'm trying to be a good girl here and not being picky. The sauce damn nice one ^^ ! Shall buy the cream sauce soon to try (: .

Wednesday, late day, late start = late end. What's the point of starting school late? Don't really get it, so whatever . Today felt more tired then ever, no idea why but i just feel so tired. So it wasn't a really good day for me. Until school ends. When to jurong point with S & A . Bought kaya toast & cinnamon melts . MMMM...YUM YUM :D ! Rush back home, shower and snore ~ .

Today no school as we'll be having E learning day for today and tomorrow. Alright, good things is no need go school, bad thing is e learning is so suck that everybody wanna go back school for lesson. Epic-ness isn't it. But seriously, the e learning damn suck, the instruction not clear and the time table only got some subject but in the end, like all subject also have -.- . So sucky. Woke up around 7 plus to start E learning, do till around 10 plus. At 12 plus, i went to prepare lunch. Pasta again, cooking for myself and Sirong . Wanted to cook omelet but i totally failed ): . Anyway i think Sirong enjoyed the meal (: . After that went to Jurong point to watch Transformer ^^ !

It was freaking awesome nice ^^ ! The lady lead damn pretty too, slim and she can run man ^^ ! HAHAHA, pretty girl, i like ^^ !

Alright, shall end here. Enjoy the photos.
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