Saturday, July 16, 2011


Yesterday went to Haji Lane and Bugis with girlfriends. Meet up 1400 at Jurong east Mrt, after that trained down to Bugis, the train freaking slow please, after ages we finally arrived ! Went to Haji lane first, almost got lost as we don't know how to go and it's our first time there ^^ ! So use the iphone app, Maps . After walking so many wrong direction, we found Haji Lane already ! We went to almost every shop, the things there so pretty, nice & beautiful . Sadly, i only brought 25 bucks out, which meansi didn't do much shopping, kinda regret ): ! So many things i wanna buy but didn't bring much out, sigh.

After that saw a cupcake shop, so decided to go in and take a look as the cupcakes look really delicious and pretty. One cupcake cost 3 bucks and one free toppings. So Alexie, Yuuchi & me each bought one, we all bough cookies & cream and as for my toppings i've got myself mashmallows . The cupcake damn nice and delicious ! Sweetness filled in when i took the first bite and inside the cupcake, there's orea (crashed) ! YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMY ! The 3bucks is totally worth, if you guys think that it's expensive.

After that, continue with the shopping. Shouldn't have wear heels, as most of the shops have stairs, but still manageable ^^ ! Saw number of handsome guys there, heehee :p . After that i finally saw OHSOFICKLE ! So i was like ' I WANT TO GO THAT SHOP ! ' . Finally get to see that blogger, happy much ^^ ! But she don't look very friendly, D: . After that shop awhile more and decided to go back Bugis as it's about to rain alr. Unfortunately, we were caught in the rain and we only have TWO umbrella to be shared among 5 people. Next time, remember bring umbrella alrighty !!

Reached bugis juntion, went to look for a place to settle down for dinner. Decided to eat at HongKong Char Chan Teng @ level 2 . The main reason we go there is like for that FREE Birthday Milk Tea. It's like this huge cup filled with ICE & milktea. I ordered bake rice as there's doesn't seem anything nice . After eating, we played Zhong Ji Mi Ma ! As we couldn't finish the milk teas, so losers have to drink a certain amount. After playing many rounds, we finally finished ! Quickly get the bail and then we all walk vigorously to the nearest toilet, as we all needa P-- . Sad to say, when we reached the toilet, the queue like a long. And i was the last one out of the five of us D: .

After that we went to Bugis stree to do shopping there. I manage to get myself two rings for 5bucks. And not forgetting the ear stud i got from Haji Lane, bought two at 5.60. After walking and walking i got tired, so waited for them to finish their shopping. After that we all rushed back to MRT as A & YT need to reached home before 2000 but they leave the place at 2030 . As for me, i'll be going to the airport instead of heading back home with them. So said good bye at Bugis and i board the train.

Reached airport, look for sister. Then went to Mac to settle down, bought cinnamon melts to eat. Mama arrived at Singapore around 2300. Welcome back mummy ! Cab home, washed up and snore.

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