Monday, August 08, 2011

Then when the cops closed the fair, I cut my long baby hair

Hey guys, i'm back with a post for you guys since i have not been doing a proper post and i'm so so so sorry about that so to pay up, i'll be doing this post about the make up products i usually use and some face care product and you will get to see my flaws too . I actually wanted to do a vlog but i decided to just type (: .

I used to just put on some eyeliner only until like last year, i started to use foundation all those . So the bottom picture is my make up bag. There's foundation powder & liquid, eye shadow, lip bulm, mascara & lip gloss . Okay, i finished using the usually eye liner that is used that's why it's not inside the bag.
Day to night warm eye palette, there's six color in total and there's a eye shadow and eyeliner brush inside. I don't really use it as eye shadow, i used it as like a eye liner. I love the Black Plum shadow color as it's this dark brown and shimmer eye shadow .

Burnt Sugar, Velet Bronze, Black Plum .

This is the first personal foundation it's from M.A.C . Lightful Ultracharge foundation SPF25/ PA+++ .
I really love this foundation alot but the sad thing is i'm about to finish using it already.  

The other foundation that i've got is from BOBBI BROWN, Natural finish long lasting foundation SPF15 PA++ . I seldom use this as it is very troublesome somehow. But since my MAC is gonna finish alr, i'm gonna use this :) .

BOBBI BROWN, Extreme party mascara, black.
This is a must apply for make up, can hardly leave for town w/o this.

SEPHORA, Lip gloss in nude.
Saw this on Seventeen magazine so decided to get it. The nude isn't very obvious, sadly. But i still like it alot, it give my lips some shimmer :$ .

THE FACESHOP, 04 Jewel effect duo .
My aunt got this for my birthday, it's a belated present but i appreciate it (: . Have not use it though as you can see it's not even open yet. Can't wait to use this ^^ .

After all this make up, you gotta have a good make up remover and good cleanser. If not you'll have a alot flaws on your face like me as when i was younger, around secondary one or primary six, i didn't care much about how i look and i don't take precaution that's why now i have like so many blackheads on my damn nose, like a ugly only and blackheads are like not removable or hard to.  Don't be lazy or you'll regret it when you grow older !

As i said, to pay up for not blogging properly, you guys are gonna get a chance to see my flaws. So here they are, i look damn cui okay. So you girls better take care of your face.





Here's the products that i have for my skin. So after you had cleanse your face, you gotta have this : Toner,Moisturizer & Pimple cream . The product that i'll be showing you guys are from the facial shop that i went to. Not cheap, gonna thank MUMMY for pampering me so much  :D . Actually the product i used is SIMPLE but finish already and didn't re-stock it since i have not finish using the bottom products.

Step 1, TONER .
Apply a amount on to a cotton wool then clean it around your face.
This will make your face extra clean after your cleanse it.

Apply a small amount onto your pulm that pat around your T-zone then around your face.

Take a cotton bud to get a small amount then apply it onto the nesscary area ( e.g pimple, blackheads )

The bottom photo is taken with a negative contrast, and with that yiou guys would probably be able to see my flaws. That's why i usually take photo with a positive contrast which makes my photo brighter thus you guys could hardly see my flaws without me photoshop-ing my photos (: .
So that's the trick ! :P

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