Friday, September 23, 2011

Be with me my love

Waiting for my new home, wonder when then I'll be able to move in. Then I'll have my very own room by then. Pretty excited about it ^_^ . Pray that by next year can move it !

Recently, my little meow bought a pen to show her love for me ^_^ . Along with a drawing on my ledger pad . Damn touch xD . THANKEW !

In case you guys are missing me alittle. Anyway, I'm doing fine and tomorrow I've got plans with Sirong ! Going for Mac for breakfast at 830 then going library to study till evening ! :)

Eight more days to final year examinations, goodluck to all ! Have faith and we can all use a little hope ! Don't give up now .

Listen to my prayers, xoxo.
Byez .

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