Friday, September 23, 2011

Is this love, we're imitating .

Hi, I'm currently omw back home from Yishun, piano lesson, the train ride is making me so damn sleepy . Finally got myself a sit on the train too, my bag so god damn heavy , need a massage on my shoulders !

Argh, I wanna go running but I'm pretty lazy and sleepy now. But kinda guilty after eating that lemon cake my teaches baked. Damn delicious though, nom nom . Shall eat a small portion for dinner .

The weirdest thing just happen, there's this aunty, don't think she's local. Anyway, main point, her friend got herself a sit then beside her was a guy that this aunty went to sit on the guy, almost, lucky the guy quickly got up ! If not she'll be like sitting on his lap -_____-' . Anyway, if don't understand then nevermind. I was shock when i saw that happen man. Jaw dropping*

Okay, once I reach home I'll shower then plan what to study later on, maybe I'll try to complete my school assignment first . Then tomorrow will be full studying. Tonight gonna watch VD, had been waiting for today man ! Hopefully will be able to look for the show. Pray .

Currently on bus now, reaching home soon I guess. The sun damn bright now, like a hot and sexy ^_^ . Can anybody awaken me, I'm so god damn sleep now ): . Yawn *.* Worst, headache kicking in . Ohman.

Gonna end here le. Byez

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