Thursday, November 03, 2011

Only better

Hey guys, I'm so so sorry, I just remembered that I'm supposed to give a update on my year end results.
I'll do the whole year result which includes 


English - 60 (B4)
Chinese - 60 (B4)
Mathematics - 81 (A1)
Science - 60 (B4)
Combined Humanities (S.H) - 82 (A1)
Principles of A/C - 80 (A1)

Term 1 still manageable, since it's only class test and school work as there's no common test. Very angry when I heard about that. And as expected, my results dropped during my first half year examination. 


English - 59 (C5)
Chinese - 65 (B3)
Mathematics - 55 (C5)
Science - 60 (B4)
Combined Humanities (S.H) - 63 (B4)
Principles of A/C - 65 (B3) 

Look at the 3As I've gotten for term one, Mathematics dropped to C5, Humanities dropped to B4 and POA dropped to B3 . Only Chinese improved, this is really not acceptable. Was a wake up call for me but still, I didn't do much about it. Term 3 was the worst.


English - 60 (B4)
Chinese 62 (B4)
Mathematics - 37 (F9)
Science - 69 (B4)
Combined Humanities (S.H) - 70 (A2)
Principles of A/C - 33 (U)

This is the worst result I've ever gotten in my three years in Yuanching, and i will not let it happen again, ever. Having a subject failed is bad enough but it's actually 2 instead of 1 . Was really too late when I realised what I've been doing. But i still have my final year examination. So i made up my mind and gave my all for POA. 


English - 62 (B4)
Chinese - 57 (C5)
Mathematics - 61 (B4)
Science - 55 (C5)
Combined Humanities (S.H) - 74 (A2)
Principle of A/C - 77 (A1) 

Was disappointed with my Chinese and Science results. The most disappointing one is my humanities, was expecting a A1 but I guess, wasn't good enough huh. Was really happy with my POA result and I really really have to thank my friend, Beeheng, for helping me out (: . 


English - 62 (B4)
Chinese - 62 (B4)
Mathematics - 64 (B4)
Science - 58 ( C5)
Combined Humanities (S.H)  - 71 (A2)
Principle of A/C - 71 (A2)

I need to do something about my Science, I'm not gonna let it dirty my report slip. No more C5 anymore, only B4 and below ( B3,A2,A1) ! Next year gonna be a tough year for me but I'll not give up ! I will do better and only better. Not gonna let myself down or my family or my friends :) . Faith, trust and pixiedust !

Alright that's all I've got for you people ^_^ !
xoxo Jay

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