Monday, November 28, 2011

Screw you.

Good Morning to all, hope that you guys woke up feeling great today unlike me, I woke up this morning feeling like shyt. Finally convinced myself that It's okay to not give in all the time, get over & done with and giving up. I'm tired of giving in all the time and going through the exact same thing over and over again. Letting people take me for granted. Screw them for doing this to me. Screw myself for letting them to. So today, I'm just going try my best to just ignore everything. Anyway, sometimes it is better to be alone or dead because everything will be much more easier. But being left out, forgotten or replace, ain't cool at all. And if people are just going to come and go as and when they want, being really good and then the next moment they're as cold as ice. Sometimes all you need to do is do the exact same thing back at them.An eye for an eye. Who cares if they'll be affecting. Or if they'll feel like they're left hanging there. Or they'll feel miserable. Just don't give a damn. Don't. Because when you do, you care and all the emotions will come. And that's not what you'll want to go through. Defecting the point of doing the exact same thing back on them.

I shall stop with the heavy shyt I feel this morning.  Anyway, last night I re-planned my workout, more like adding more exercise in. The last time i only have the squats ad ect exercise. Now, I've added three abs exercise : V-Tuck, Bicycle Crunch & Leg Raise . As for cardio, instead of going for a run, I decided to just stay home and do Jumping Jacks : 20 counts of 8 or 30 seconds ( FAST ) . Yeah, that's quite about it already. Hopefully I wouldn't be lazy. And if I'm bored during the weekends, I guess I should probably go for a swim instead of staying at home and get drown in my own thoughts and misery.

This morning when I woke up and went to the kitchen, I was horrified ! My mum bought so much food, there's two loft of bread, 4 packets of chips, one box of cookies, 3 packet of milk and um....I guess nothing already. I should probably look at the bright side that I don't have to spend money on lunch or breakfast. But the bad thing is if I get bored at home, I'm gonna have a food feast and this will end badly. So, I've got to lock myself in the room and avoid going to the kitchen. Anyway, my room is at the opposite end of the kitchen. Phew. But my house so small *Laugh* . Alright, shall find something to do and hopefully can sustain my hungriness till lunch ! I'll do a blog post later bout the SRR, it'll be a wordy post because I didn't really took much photo. So sorry.

xoxo Jay

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