Monday, November 28, 2011


This is my second time working at the Singapore River Regratta, SRR. Last year I worked as the timer taker, along with Natalie, Joanne & Joey.K . This year i worked as the Slipway, need do like admin stuff, checking the crew list all those. Along with the same people and Huiting, Darren, Ryan, Jinquan, Weiquan, Boonseng & Gianwei.( Hopefully I didn't spell wrong) Okay anyway, this year was much more boring, sadly, because too many people go work then nothing to do. Not too forget, we kept getting attacks by bee, so damn irritating. Keep invading our food and 100Plus only, then we eat must keep dodging here & there and our 100Plus like forever cannot finish. Hmm, our work place not bad, maybe kinda small, cause there's two table at the side then the middle is the chair but good thing is that it's under shelter. 

The first day of work was the worst, need check the um A4 and A3 paper, then need like find the names from the crew list. Do till headache. Then the weather also crazy, suddenly rain then stop then rain then stop. Those rowers really poor thing but row in the rain damn shyok one. Oh, and there got alot of hunks ^_^ ! Handsome please, can't stop looking at them.And also got alot epic things that happen during work. Quite fun though. 

Second day, I did the other job, the one that need to interact with the team that's going down for the event. Really have to thank Joey.K for letting me do the easier one. Some of the team damn friendly and will like joke with us :$ . Then those British or American team, they talk damn cool, got the accent and they talk freaking fast ! Oh, did I mention that they provide like three meals ! Breakfast, lunch & teabreak which is like dinner for me. And then near by our workplace got MacDonald too, ate ice cream for the two days ! Yummilious. Oh, i dropped my phone yesterday and sad to say, the back of my Iphone has a crack now. Depressing much. After yesterday's work went for dinner with Huiting & Sara at Clementi, Long John Sliver. Then went home already.  

Can't wait to get my pay !!! 

xoxo Jay 

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