Saturday, December 31, 2011

Each year will only get worst but we all hope for the best, still.

Hello, I guess everyone should probably be counting down to 2012 right now. I'm currently at Republic of Singapore Yacht club, waiting for the 00 00am to come, while the other uncles, are singing. Hmmm....wonder if there'll be any fireworks here tonight.

Anyway, since I've got nothing much to do right now. I'll like to talk about the events that happened this year. I can sum it up that, this year didn't start off nicely and sadly it ended off badly too. But during the middle of the year between, April and end of May, was the time of my life. For the first time, something took me away from my studies, I don't really care much at that time because I was really happy with what's happening at that moment. I cherish those moments so much, and I really do miss them. Then after getting back my result, I was expecting it to be bad, because I wasn't even giving my all at all, I got so tired of studying. I wanted to give up. I regretted not studying, I still remember that night where I cried so much. Thankfully I've got my mum to talk sense to me and encouraging me. Telling me it's okay, workhard for the next exam. And there's you too, always making me feel that everything will be alright, and you even blamed yourself that you couldn't be here for me during my worst time. But really, all I need is just you.

During June, I've went to a school oversea trip along with Yuuchi, I'm glad we're both chosen to go and I'm glad I could be away from Singapre, I have to admit, I was really paranoid during that trip but still, I had a really great time, made new friends and wouldn't forget those nights at the hotel. After the trip, everything seems to have settled down alittle already, that's what it seems on the surface.

After the third semester exam, I decided that it's time for me to wake up. I worked real hard for my accounts and My efforts paid off. I've learned that, if there's a real, there's always a way. And the things you do may not be easy but possible will do. And nothing is too late.

Before my final year exams starts, something happened between as and we decided to take a break off from each other, I thought I wasn't gonna make it through my final year examinations. But, I tell myself, I had a choice to be strong or let what happened consumes me. I chose to be strong and workhard for my exams, the best revenge is success. So I decided to score will for my final year. I didn't manage to score well enough for my Math, Chinese & Science. But overall, I'm glad that I made the top 20. *phew* .

After the exams, we got back again, I thought it'll be alright but I was wrong. And now, I'm left here suffering my own mistakes and the worst part, I thought I'll never lose you. I guess, I'm wrong when I thought that I'll still have you when 2012 came. We used to talk bout the future like we had a clue and now I watched everything vanished right in front of my eye. I've got no one to blame but myself, I didn't listen to my mum, my friends and I've already see this coming yet I kept deceiving myself, dreading whatever that's coming. Can't believe I can still be tearing because of this, just think back to whatever that had happen. Yet, I convinced myself, I have to let it go, it's the only way. I'll definitely miss you.

2011 was really a tough year but still, I had many memorable moments that I cherished for life, and I've made new friends that helped me with not only my studies but also things that happened to me, I've also release that the person that I thought was my beat buddy was just a image that vanished from time to time and then come back whatever they like. It's pretty lame of them to be acting this way, and for the years to come. I'm not gonna be nice to this kinda people. Gtfo yep. Friends are people you can rely on, but honestly there's no one you can rely on the most but yourself. Family, are the ones that you love and they'll always always love you back. Can't believe I'm gonna tear soon. Gotta maintain a little.

I believe that 2012 will be a far more tougher year for me or maybe for all of us. It's gonna be really happenig, when 2012 come, not even a month later it'll be CNY alr. Then soon after that, gotta start studying almost every single day. Preparing for my N level and also my Grade 6 practical examinations. Then, during May, I'll start my Braces journey already. Then June, I'll be moving house. Althought it's holiday but probably I'll be busy preparing for my N already by then. Big commitment to my studies. No shopping, strictly no. I'll probably spent my weekends at the gym or swimming complex I guess. Inspired by Victorial Secrets Model. They're all so beautiful. Really, need to change my diet. And make exercising a daily routine. Strictly no falling in love, must not let myself cry for a guy. Can it be done.. *frown* . I really have not much faith in all these New Year Resolutions.

It's currently already 2300 , I'll be ending my post here. Happ New Year too all ^_< !!!

Xoxo J

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