Tuesday, December 13, 2011

No matter how much she tries to forget, it will forever be there.


Supposed to go town, Far East Plaza to get my NYX products but when out too late already as I', having piano lesson in the afternoon. So end up go town to have lunch, Ya Kun kaya toast W butter & Gongcha milk tea W herbal jelly ^_^ ! After that train down to Yishun, was slightly late though. Had a really good lessons, well because I've practiced (Y) .

Finally able to wear back my skinny jeans, happy much. But, still, I don't look good in jeans thanks to my butt D: . Damned.


Went to town with Mamam & Jiejie. Went to bugis to have lunch then went to walk around at bugis junction then after that decided to go H&M to shop. I only bought a ribbon rubber band. Don't know why, I did saw clothes that I like but feel that it's expensive. So decided not to get them. After that went home already and have a nap. BEST (Y) .

The usual makeup products I'll use and now I'm starting to make a effort to tone and moisturize my face before I start applying makeup. Oh, something damn devastating happened, I actually dropped my NYX Matte lipstick. Damned , now it looks damn cui though still can use. Argh, damn angry :@ .
Clumsy me.

One of the oldest necklace I have, my papa bought this and gave it to me when I was a little girl ^_^ .

That's the ribbon rubber bands I got from H&M, 3.90$ .
Pretty pretty pretty.
Went to Bugis street alone, well again, to look for Don's birthday present but end up I bought a cap for myself ^_^ . How sweet of myself and what a failure. Tsk. Then after that went back to bugis junction and then I saw something to buy for him but I no money already ): . So decided to get it on Monday before meeting them. Made 'Give a Name' as a present. Then after that went home, wanted to do a vlog but mama sleep in my room. Had dinner with pa&ma at Teman Jurong. Stingray, rohjak & 'no-he-ang' . I don't know how to spell. Anyway, dinner was real awesome ^_^ !

Someone asked me bout a photo of me wearing my Baseball Jacket, there it is ^_^ ! 
I think it looks weird in this outfit. No this outfit itself is already weird. That's why I'm wearing a cap to cover up my face. In case, I see any familiar face. At MRT, keep got people look at me. 
Uncomfortable & awkward. 
Very. Freaking. Damn. 

Well, the best accessories to wear is....confidence, hell yeah \m/ .
Sadly, I don't have that.

If only my legs and thighs are real skinny. 
I wouldn't have to pose like that to make my thighs look thinner.  

Loving my makeup for that day, blue liner ^_^ ! 


That's the cap I bought ^_^ ! Suppose to be 16.9$ but the lady sold me at 14$ . 
I actually asked for 13$ at first, in the end I gave in for 14$.

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