Monday, January 30, 2012

My apologize.

Greetings to my readers, have you eaten you dinner? I've just ate my dinner, since I've got nothing to do now, and I'll probably be busy with school work later. So it's the only time I can blog now. I sincerely apologize for the lack of updates, firstly my computer is playing games with me again, I couldn't get it switched on. Moreover, last Friday there isn't Vampire Diaries so I didn't use the computer but instead, watched Lie to Me, Korea drama. I must say that I've it too fast because I want to concentrate on my school work when the new week arrived. My instincts were right, it's only Monday and I am sure that this week will be a busy one. I have a number of assignment yet to be done and there's a number of test this week too.

I'm pretty much glad that I've planned out what to do daily, hopefully I'll not be behind time and quickly get the job done. As usual, I'm looking forward when the last school bell ring on Friday. I can't wait to watch Vampire Diaries and of course, have a good rest during the weekend. I swear I'll re-watch Lie to Me soon enough, probably during the March holiday, hopefully I wouldn't be busy. The term test will soon be here, I've got to kept revising my work, as I can see, the teachers are giving as class test & quizzes. Shall not complain much about it but do something about it. I promised to workhard this year, self-motivation is the key and of course, do not let bad result motivate you to give up. However, I'll also enjoy at the same time, during the weekends.

I'll be updating my blog on Friday, praying that my computer will be alright. Updates on, Chinese New Year and something else. Probably. I've got to go now, hope that you all will have a pleasant week ahead.

Xoxo J

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