Saturday, February 04, 2012

CNY Day 1&2

First Day of Chinese New Year.
- L.O.V.E Cropped top, H&M
-HW Shorts, Scape Flea Market
-Long Champ Bag
-High heels, H&M (not shown in the post)

Went to Grandma's place early in the morning to BaiNian first and had breakfast over there too.
Fried Yam cake, Chinese Yellow cake & fried Peng Kueh. 

After that went to mother's side relative's place to BaiNian.
My youngest cousin so adorable, and she look exactly like her brother. 
Due to her adorable-ness, how could I bare not to take photos of her and with her.
She's not camera shy, just like my niece. 

Admiring my pretty nails.
*looking at my current nails*
~Plain, short and plain-ness~
I swear I'll go do my nails when holidays are here. 

Soon, we went back to Grandma's place for lunch.
When we reached, almost everyone was there already, as usual went to my relative to BaiNian and get red packets from them. After that at STEAMBOAT for lunch. 

This year's new was different, firstly, we wouldn't be staying at my grams place for the whole day and wait for relative to come but instead, we'll be following my relative to places and places to BaiNian since it's more convenient when we have a car now. Secondly, this year there isn't any dinner held at my place since we kept the dinning table already due to, us moving house soon. Thirdly, I find that this year's Chinese New Year kinda boring.

After lunch, set off to other's relative place.
One after another, and it's really really tiring.
From Pandan to west coast to many many more~

Look at my niece, isn't she prett. (: 

She got nothing to do in the car, so she took my sister's sock (not wore) and smell it.

Back home after Day 1, was such a tiring day but yet I have to clean off my makeup, before washing up and head to bed. 

Second Day of Chinese New Year.

-Pual Frank top, Bugis Stree
-Red Shorts, TW spree

Went to Grams place for breakfast then head home to watch Lilo&Sitch 

Favourite goodies ^_^ 

Before lunch went to Sirong place to BaiNian then after lunch she came my house to BaiNian.
After that she went home and my relative came.
Yilong and Wenbin also came to BaiNian~

-Whole out fit from Scape Flea Market.

Went to Clementi Blk308 for dinner
Enjoy the food ^_^ ! 

My cute little cousin, people say we look alike, really?

xoxo J

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