Friday, January 06, 2012


It's only the first week of 2012, and I'm down with flu and sore throat, probably gonna be down with fever soon. I guess I ain't used to the change of weather, before 2011 ends, it's almost raining every single day and now look, the sun is freaking hot. Kept having headaches, don't like it. And I think lately, I'm still not used to the sleeping early and waking up early thing. I'm pretty tired right now. It's currently 9.09PM, let's see how long I'll finish this post. There's only one picture in this post because I didn't take any photo at all. Bear with the words alright. HEY, I'm the one typing it, alittle appreciation here and I'll do the same if you read right till the end.

First day of school, at first I was pretty upset that my dearest secondary 1,2,3 and now 4 Form-teacher is the same but I'm much much much more horrified to have such a freaking naggy, annoying, irritating, troublesome Co-form-teacher not forgetting she's my English teacher too. Did I mention that I'll be seeing her almost every single day of my school life, this is so damn devastating.  


She couldn't bare to leave my ear alone, not even a day and I'm so annoyed, madden and irritated about her bugging me to take my stud off everyday. Already wear one pair, now say colour too bright, then say must be the same one. Why your requirements so much. It's making me hate you so much, I've grown a very strong dislike towards my co-form, can't she just leave me alone. So, for her to do so, I've decided to not wear any ear stick on my expended ear-hole . Argh, damn annoyed and not too mention I feel really uncomfortable without those sticks. Today early morning, spoil my mood. 
* roll eye till can't roll back* 

For the rest of the teachers, well I'm pretty satisfied. My physic teachers told us this
- Teacher you cannot choose but you can choose your grades- 
As in, choose whether you wanna get good grades or whine about the teachers you got and not giving a damn about you studies just because you dislike the teacher. Something like that, I guess. It's pretty much true, this is pretty much similar to what he told me and I decided to take this good advice at heart. Honestly, I kinda look forward to my next science lesson. Hopefully, there wouldn't be any disappointments, I have high hopes on my science right now .

I'm kinda sad that my Math teacher changed already, it's not that the one that's teaching me now isn't good, it's just that I really want my previous teacher to teach us. He's really good and I think I failed to be his student last year because I didn't achieved a good result for my Math. He's a good teacher, I wasn't a good enough student. But what's done is done. it's the past and it'll not happen again. I'll do my best this year. Anyway, I think our Math teacher not bad, better than the other female teacher, shall not mention any names here. My accountants teacher also changed, I'll admit I was upset because I finally am able to confront my previous teacher with my doubts then this year change teacher. But she's really good and I guess she knows what we'll weak at since she's the one who marked our paper last year. During out first lesson on cash book, she actually go through double entry with us. Telling us every step slowly and clearly. I think she's pretty not bad. 

My humanities teacher is the same, grateful. Social studies left a few more topics only, probably he's gonna rush through it quickly so we'll have much more time for revision, gonna be doing different schools paper.  As for history, we have already finish all of our topics and right now we'll be watching movies bout history. Looking forward to some actions, war, blood ect . Of course, there's be like written work for us too bout the movie. Not forgetting that there'll be class test.

Chinese teacher same and everybody will be in the same class, my chinese class like 'rojak' right now, there's CLB, O level & N level chinese students all in one class. It's pretty much epic in there. Trying my best to put in more effort in my chinese, trying my best to improve. Hopefully my hardwork will pay off when I get my N level results. As for English, I'll see what I can learn from that teacher. I WANT MY PREVIOUS ENGLISH TEACHER !  

but......Teacher cannot choose.

I'm so busy with my school work that I've got no time to exercise or go running already, and I'm eating lesser already but yet I have not lose much weight. I've long for the weekend to be here. Tomorrow morning in to help out in the Cca Open House. Then afternoon go take the Bursary Award. I will go swimming in the evening. Then probably Sunday morning, go for a run. Best is can go swimming again. Evening go do facial, my face is like arghhhhhhhhhhhh, beyond words to describe.
I'll see what I can update, soon enough alright. 
xoxo J

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