Sunday, January 15, 2012

Yes, I can.

Hello hello, another week had pass again, isn't it fast. It seems that as we get older and older, the time we have are getting lesser and lesser. Was it because we have more things to do, to handle to think and ect. There isn't much time for us to take a break, have fun or simply enjoy life. But some people, are just wasting their youth, in different ways, depending our what you think. Some might think that, education as in studying is just simply a waste of time. People always ask, why do we learn algebra, because they simply think that it wouldn't be useful in the future. Or maybe, why do we have to know bout Newtons law, blah blah blah laws. How bout this, Chinese E-mail writing, why would I send a Chinese E-mail with a proper format.

Why would I write a complain letter in Chinese too. And this, why do we need to know chemical equation. Hmmm, well, I don't have any answer to these questions but I guess it makes you have knowledge to the things in life. Makes you sound smart. Okay, whatever it is. *awkward* . Alright, to be honest, I don't mind studying, as in revising my school work. But I don't really like studying for exams or test. As for studying tips, well, firstly you got to have the will and determination to studying. And of course, you have to have a taste of how is it like to see your grades drop tremendously. See how the people around you question you about the tremendous drop, all you can say is that you're really tired of studying. Well, that's the fact. The past is the past. I shall not let history repeats itself ever, so I've got to motive myself to study. And not be motivated by bad results. Never, strictly no. Once you decided to study hard, as in be hardworking, Remember not to let anything come in your way, no distractions and always keep going. Don't give up.  

Other then studying. Some might think that committing into a relationship right now isn't worth it. You meet some one new. You fall in love. You two got together. Shit happens between. And it's over. Then everything came crashing on to you because you thought that for one moment, you could have been happy with the person you love. And the worst part, this cycles never ends.  Yet, people continue loving and breaking. I've seen past relationship from my friends and myself. Relationship ain't difficult, you either marry of break up, isn't it. I don't see the point of committing into any relationships if it's not gonna last or end badly. What's the point of letting yourself upset over and over again. Yes, although I'm saying this right now, but when love happen, there's isn't any stopping, it just happens before you knew it. And yes, because of what happen in the past, I'm afraid because I no longer want to rely my happiness on someone. Because for a moment I thought I could let myself be happy and then everything just starts crashing down. I don't even know if I could survive it and not just pretend that I had survived. When in love, what I can't tolerate the most is the guessing game or should I say Mind Games that guys always like to play.

Can't they just be honest instead of hinting the opposite sex or leading her on and on. And trust is earned, you can't expect people to magically hand it over to you. Never blame a girl for not trusting you, blame it on the previous guy that made her this way or the things you do. Some may think that girls are unreasonable, yes we are but it can't be helped. And yes, we are god damn insecure about most anything and we get pretty paranoid easily. We need constant reminders, reassurance that someone actually care and love us for who we are. Even though, sometimes we tends to be quiet. Trust me, we really want to have endless conversation. We love hearing your voice, your jokes and how you tease us. Whenever we're quiet, there's something going on in our head. Most likely, we wouldn't tell you too. So don't bother asking, got to get use to it. Don't ever take advantage or take her for granted. She gives in because it ain't worth to lose you because of a fight.

I believe most guys seldom share what's happening to them that caused them to be quiet or moody. The best we can do, is to leave them alone. Mostly likely, the guy wouldn't tell what happened. But guys should know that we are always here. Still, it's probably their nature to act this way. There isn't anything we can do but to get use to it. Oh, one more important point, never never never, I mean it, love someone too deeply, always love yourself more. Girls, not all guys out there are the same and someone better will come. And if that better went, someone even better will come. Just believe it. There's no need to rush, love will find it's way. But sometimes, it's better to be alone, so no one can hurt you...

xoxo J 

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