Friday, February 17, 2012

How do you do that.

Hello hello hello.
I'm really sorry for not blogging for, I don't know, almost 2 weeks or maybe at least a week. 
Probably because I'm too lazy to update as I have not been going anyway or I'm too tired with my school work or there isn't time to update. I sincerely apologize but I'm here now, updating about what I've been up to lately. Currently looking blankly on my other computer screen, paste with post-it notes, full of test amd assignment that I need to complete. Almost every week, I'll have a test or quiz. 

Month of January 
- 6/01/2012. Math AFL, Range & IQR (12/15)
- 9/01/2012. Math AFL, Cumulative Frequency Curve (10/10)
- 10/01/2012. POA AFL, Cash Book (10/10)
-17/01/2010. Math Test, Cumulative Frequency, Standard Deviation (18/20)
-26/01/2010. History Test, SEQ, POA AFL, Bank Reconciliation Statement (10/10), Chemistry AFL (7.5/10)
-31/01/2012. Social Studies Test, SBQ

That's quite about it for January, of course, there's homework and self studying that I have to do, so I can keep up with the good students in my class. Coping well for all my subjects except Chinese. Well, you'll see why.

Month of February 
-2/02/2012. English, Formal Letter Writing 
-3/02/2010. Chinese Test, Paper2 (16/50), Math Test, Probability (15/25), POA Test, Bank Recociliation (12/15)
-6/02/2012. Chemistry Test, Periodic Table (17/20)
 -8/02/2012. Physic Test, Current of Electricity (19/25), Math AFL, Matrices (10/10)
-9/02/2012. Chinese Test2, Paper2 (18/50)
-14/02/2012. Math test, Frequency, S.D, Probability&Matrices
-16/02/2012. History Test, SBQ, Social Studies, SEQ, POA Test, Cash book Bank Reconciliation Correction of Errors 
-20/02/2012. Chinese Test3, Paper2
-22/02/2012. Physic Test, D.C Circuits
-27/02/2010. Physic Common Test, Chemistry Common Test

That's quite about it, there's still test going on, sadly and I've yet to get back all the results. Anyway do look out for updates on this blog post cause I'll update once I've know my result. Oh, this month there's a few mind map work that I need to complete. Argh, hate doing mind maps. One more thing, I can't wait to get back my history assignment. Wonder if I done badly...

There's a few events that happened this two months
- CCA open house.
-Scholarship Award
-Visit to Tuas Check Point
-Flag Day
-Cross Country ( coming Friday, 24/02/2012)

Hope I'll be able to update more often but I doubt so. Anyway, I was wondering if you miss me, here's some shots of me. 

Alright, I shall probably end right here. 
xoxo J

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