Friday, February 24, 2012

iPhone uploads.

After flag day, went Vivo with classmate, had so much fun with them. 

Bored at homie, ): 

Outrun my previous high score. (((:

On V's Day, had a small party in class, Widy got me candies. Xx

Dinner with Daddy&Mummy, so delicious. ^^

My adorable, cute&lovable little boy.
Aww, I love him so much, only get to see him once in awhile. ):

Fringe getting longer again, yay. ^^
And I finally went to get my facial done, probably do hair treatment next month. 

HW shorts W Collar Top.
Kate Spade Bag
Brown High-Cut shoe.

The photo too dark already, >>>:. 

Wore the wrong foot wear, should have just wear my heels out instead. 
Ended up troubling both my sweetheart to help me buy slipper. 
Cotton on PINK slipper, I want to get the yellow, blue and probably every colour. 

I'm the shortest, >>>;. 
Can you see my lovely pink slipper and my lovely girlfriends. ^_<

Love this photo the most! ^^
Love both of them more, duh. :)

What I bought that day and not forgetting, I saw a really attractive guy. 

Belated V's day Present from my sweetheart, xoxo. 

Got Top 20 for Cross-Country, 13th position! ^^
Inter-class Team, 3rd position! ^^
Happy girl, me. (((;

Shall end here. 
I'll be back with a post soon~

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