Monday, March 19, 2012


Requested by a anonymous on formspring : Can you do a blog post on what you eat everyday. How you keep fit and all those. 

My apologize, didn't manage to take photos of every meal I ate today. I'll try to remember to take photo before I start eating next time. (((:

Today, 19032012

Morning, 0645, 3in1 CeReal W sugar biscuits(3-5) 

Recess, 0930, Rice W Potato & Fish and HL milk. Usually I will not finish my rice. 

Lunch, 1430, Two Slice of Pandan Cake. 

Dinner, 1815, 三菜一汤, Rice W Vegetable(cabbage), Meat(soya sauce), Fish(fried) and Soup. 

Supper, 2030, Hot milo. 2115, strawberries.

That's what I had today, (((:. 

Every Tuesday and Thursday i've got Dragon boat training, guess that's how I keep "fit". I'm not, I just want to loss weight. Collar bone, flat tummy, thin arms and leg. Yeah, drinking lots of plain water is good too! 

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