Sunday, March 18, 2012


Oh please, I simply can't tolerate any of this attitude that you're giving me. I'm sorry but I have to rant about this, if you're gonna judge, please just don't read this post. It's not like I call you to read, and if you don't know anything please just shut up. Urgh, people are hard to please, you do something wrong and they'll remember it and when you do something right, they simply forget about it once you made a mistake. Come on, who doesn't make mistakes. Are you going to tell me that you don't? Really? REALLLLLLY? *roll eye*

I don't think I deserve any of this thing that you're giving me, those stares that you give, the harsh tone. I don't really care if your personality is this way or what I've done to make you treat me in that attitude of yours.

Seriously, I can't possibly please you all the time. You're always right, is that it. Everything I do is always wrong, spent money wrong, never wash dishes wrong, never fold clothes wrong, never misplace the towel wrong, talk wrong, never talk wrong, misplace my books wrong. Yeah, I'm a lazy, untidy, not mature, don't know how to think, only know how to spent money girl. All those hurtful things you say to me, I have to swollow it down, suffer in my own misery.

I thought if I tried, maybe things will change alittle but no. I'll never be good enough and I'm tired of trying to please you all the time. Yeah, treat me what so ever way you want to, it's not the first time anyway. It's like I'm living with it already. Not going to please you anymore, since whatever I do is always wrong to you. No matter how I try, it'll never be enough. Tsk. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop


your sister said...

YOU TRIED WHAT? For one day? Do you know how tiring it is for me to nag at you? You are 16, not 6. I clean the floors, wash dishes, do the laundry etc to lighten mommy's workload. Please at least have the sensibility/responsibility to fold your own clothes can? And wash after you're done eating. I am your elder sister, I buy things for you, help you with your homework, I also nag at you, hoping you will listen. I don't see what wrong did I do.

Aurora said...

Yeah yeah, you not wrong. I wrong okay, it's always me that's wrong. You're always right. Yeah, I'm useless sister that didn't do housework okay.