Sunday, March 25, 2012

We're all humans, go easy on each other, will you.


1) Things I'll do when I'm bored.
Sleep. Eat. stare into blank spaces.

2) Favourite bread shop.
Four leaf.

3) Favourite chocolates
Kinder Bruno WHITE, Toblerone WHITE, Hersay Cookies n' Cream, Kisses WHITE.

4) Favourite 3 cai 1 tang (3 Vegetable & 1 soup)
BBQ Stingray. Lettuce. Egg with Onions  Deer Meat. Salted Vegetable Duck Soup.

5) Favourite sweet food (cookies/muffin/ice cream)
Banana with Walnut Muffin.Chewy Junior, Vanilla Junior. Famous Amos Butterscotch Cookies. Lemon Sorbet Icecream.

6) Favourite candy
WarHeads, Watermelon. Sour Belts(7-11),Wonka NERDS, Lollipop, grape&strawberry.

7) Favourite drinks
Non-gassy drink.HL White Milk. GongCha Milk Tea w Herbal jelly. SEASONS, Ice Peach Tea.

8) Must have in bed.
Pillow. Bloster. Blanket.

9) Must have when go out
iPhone. Earpiece. Wallet. Keys.

10) Must have daily routine habits
Wash face(day&night). Brush teeth. Shower.

11) Must have meals
Breakfast. Dinner.

12) I have four piercing, probably getting a 5th one next year. I used, past tense, expand one of my ear hole but decided not to already, it's not back to normal.

13) I'm a irresponsible/insensibility person, useless, because I don't do housework.

14) I don't like to be told what to do. If I want to do, I'll do it eventually, I don't need somebody to nag at me. I'm not your little puppy, for you to order me around doing things.

15) Considered myself hard working, usually end up stressing myself. But I'm pretty much lazy too.

16) I have a very shitty attitude but don't get me wrong about my personality and attitude. My personality is me and my attitude is base on you. Damned. Thankful of the friends I have, that's able to tolerate me. Really really thankful.

17) I'm socially awkward.

18) I had attempt to vomit out my meals.

19) I have hyperventilation

20) Cannot tolerate people who don't keep to their words, taking the things they say so lightly.

21) Against judgemental people, don't pick on innocent people. Not everything they do that you'll dislike means they committed a crime. Get over the fact ya.

22) The best way to cheer me up is to talk sense to me, sadly only one person is able to. The other is to buy me my favourite food.

23) I've thought of running away before or even suicide.

24) I can't say that I wouldn't regret if my life ended now, there's so much I have yet to do. I have not live my life to the fullest, I couldn't, because so many things are stopping me.

25) I am a very very very SENSITIVE person not insensitive. Tsk.

26) I rather study to doing housework. I swear.

27) So much I want to say/do, but people are going to go against me.

28) Whenever I'm down, I distance myself away from people.

29) I can't be alone, but I'm usually a loner. Trolol.

30) I always say/do the wrong things.

Probably ending here, sigh, my mood is all spoiled. People aren't going to change just because they can't please others or just because others dislike them in a certain way. People aren't going to change for you, you need to get over that fact. Yeah, people make mistake along the way but the greatest lessons are learned through the hardest way. Along the way, people are going to have high expectations on you and you'll probably let them down, over and over again. So, sometimes, is better off to be alone.  Because in that way, you don't have to worry about letting people down. You don't have to worry not being good enough. You don't have to please people. You don't have to do as you were told. You don't have to worry about expectations people set for you. All be disappointed when people let you down. Because all you have will be yourself.

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