Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Cloud Nine

The weekend before my last paper, I went out for break with my boy.
Went to bugis for shopping, lol. 
Bought a HW shorts only and Mummy's present for Mother's Day.
He bought a outfit that was awfully expensive, in my opinion. 
After that went to KFC as somebody got hungry, but very thoughtful. Knowing that I wouldn't eat so purposely buy popcorn chicken and change the drink to Root Beer. 
Was a really great day spent. 

After the last paper, head home to prepare as I'll be heading to town with Yuuchi to catch Battleship.
Was totally awesome please! Great movie and delicious popcorn to eat! After the movie head to Clarke Quay to collect my top from , totally love the top.

The HW shorts I bought at bugis and the top I bought from EvilRedRidingHood.

Woke up feeling awesome, going for haircut/treatment, meet boy for lunch then head to meet Sirong Nadia and Mouxuan for kbox session with them. ^_^ After that went to have dinner with boy then walk around aimlessly at jurong point before we parted ways and head home.

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