Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Gone with the books.

So, I've been busy for the past few weeks or maybe months with my studies and lately it's so happening that I'm in no mood to touch my blog at all. But I'm fine lately already that;s why I'm here to blog about what happened recently. 

Weeks before Mid-Year Examination 

This is what happen after writing essays, my swollen fourth finger on my right hand. 
Spend day and night memorizing my essays, colour pens, highlighter, foolscap and pencil are my bestfriend during this period. Kept using them. Of course, while memorizing I'll treat myself to alittle something!
Cinnamon carrot muffin and cinnamon roll, damn delicious! ^_^ 

28th April 2012
My little boy bought this adorable teddy bear for me *giggles*
Love the bear so much that he gets jealous of it, xD. 
Well...I love him more, of course. 

Spent my weekends eating McDonalds meal. 
Sausage McMuffin, Hotcakes, McNuggets, Filet-o-Fish & Fries! 
What;s studying without food...misery!
On weekdays, I'll have Chicken Biscuits and that's enough! ^^
Got sticky too. 

Sigh, after exam was so determine to go exercise, look at my fat ugly legs ):

Well, I wasn't listening to music while revising my last few papers but talking on the phone while studying.
Look how happy I was back then....

S T A R E S 



English - 54 (5)
Chinese - 65(3)
Mathematics - 60(4)
Science - 65(3)
Combined humanities(hist/ss) - 67(3)
Principle of Accounts - 76(1)

Wasn't really happy with my results, have to admit. Thanks to my chemistry, my grade 1 for science flew away. Let down my physic result, really need to buck up for chemistry. Chinese need to maintain at that result. As for English, aiming for a grade 4. Mathematics grade 2, pretty please. lol have to work hard for all this to happen. So yeah, I'll do better! 

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