Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mirror mirror on the wall

Make up and outfit of that day.


Went out with Peggie Ruimin & Teresa on Monday, to Orchard, caught Snow White and the Huntsman, shopping and dinner. Meet the girls at 12noon, Clementi platform, after that train to Somerset, went to get our movie ticket first after that went to grab something to bite. 

This girl doing operation, to see what's the filling. lololol

Me and Teresa ^_^

All busy using phone, haiyo! 

After that we went to get POPCORN then headed back to Cineleisure for our movie, excited man!!! ^_<
Before the movie start something very epic happened, lololol. Somebody sit at the wrong seat, mistaken G as C. The movie was awesome, at the start the Queen was really beautiful but after that not already beautiful already but scary. The Queen's brother the hairstyle like so epic and disgusting. The face so pale. The Huntsman and Prince Willam quite good looking. I think the movie was overall awesome and great, I think people dislike the ending cause it didn't ended with Snow White with the Huntdman or Prince. 

After the movie, Teresa treat as Frolick, green apple ice cream with strawberries and peach toppings.
Then Peggie bought BFF, Macho Cheese. 

Peggie and Teresa

Ruimin and Peggie

Me and Ruimin

After that we headed to Scape to get instant film for later on then after that we went to H&M to shop. After that went to try a top that I really love but it cost 39.90$ *jaw dropped* and another cardigan that cost 24.90$ that I really like too. HEHEH. (:

After that headed to ION for dinner at Swensens. 
Yeah all four of us in a photo, finally! ^_^

We all order the same, main course and top up 5$ for drink, soup and ice cream.

Soup of the day, Cream of Chicken.

Main courses

Grilled Fish Sambal 

Breaded Chicken

Fish 'n' Chips 

Fried Fish with Apricot Mayo 

Ruimin testing out the effect on Teresa and Peggie. 

Ruimin finished everything!!! LOL, look at all the left over fries. 

POLAROID TIME, changing away the one on my wallet. 


Not sure what favour Ruimin ordered but I think it's Hazelnut or coffee 

Mango for Teresa

Strawberry Sherbet for Peggie

Lime Sherbet for me

All of us having a blast together, doing silly faces and enjoying the ice cream! 

The three greedy girl! ^_^

 Teresa staying with the drinks hahaha.

Ending this post with a photo taken by me of my three pretty girlfriends! 


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