Wednesday, June 13, 2012


The start of my braces journey, extraction of four teeth.
The day before the extraction, I was told to eat as much as I can because the day itself I was not allow to eat or should I say I'm not allow to eat like 12/8hours before. 

Here's photo of my teeth before the extraction.

At Khoo Teck Puat Hospital.
Was told to change to this outfit, it's supper big.

Had to inject some tube inside, quite painful actually although they applied the cream, still can feel it.

After the extraction I was woken up by the nurse, and that's when I can feel the pain on the upper right side. My entire mouth was so numb and I can hardly swallow anything or talk. Then after that I was sent back to my room and rested there for 2hours alone. Was so miserable, no phone and I have to stare into blank spaces cause I couldn't sleep. Waited and waited for my mummy to come.

Look at my teeth, the roots so long. *horrified*.

Spent the next few days eating all this, lost 2kg because of that lol.

After extraction, here's how it looks like.

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