Friday, June 08, 2012

Summer Paradise

It's already 0037 now, and I've yet to sleep. Just upload this photos, did some effects and now I finally get to post them, since my computer had been down whatever it wants to. Don't really have much to say shall talk about what I planned for the next few days.

Need to complete all my Science assignment by tomorrow. Tomorrow morning need to practice piano, perhaps some housework. After lunch head to library to return books then train down to Yishun for my lessons at 1400. 

Had enough breaks, it's time to go back to my weekend study already. 
Going McDonald with Nadia and Sirong. Probably be doing Mathematics or accounts. 
Have yet to decide. 

Don't really have plans on Sunday yet, probably do some packing or maybe heading out to see some furniture. Ain't sure about it yet.

Monday heading out with my three beautiful girlfriends, can't wait.
Going to catch Snow White with them! ^_< 

Tuesday, probably meeting baby girl, not confirm yet though but still can't wait to see her.

Alright, it's 0050. I should go crash on my bed and let the night fall.

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