Monday, July 02, 2012

Bestfriends Tag

1.When and where we all first meet

2.First impression

3.Describe in one word

4.One thing the other wouldn't it

5.One type of person the other can't tolerate

6.What is one thing about the other that is annoying

7.If we could go somewhere together, where would it be.

8.Favourite inside joke

9.Favourite seasons

10.Heel, slipper or sneakers (choose2)

11.Pants or dress

12.Best memories together

13.Favourite thing about the other

14.Hair dye

15.Favourite pass time

HEHEHEH, don't judge ok and I know i sound awfully funny and my voice damn shitty, I don't why too ): Anyway, do formspring me! There'll be more videos coming up, do keep the suggestions coming in and we'll consider it! xoxox

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