Monday, July 02, 2012


Third dental appoint, got the separator which is really uncomfortable. I was really scare when the the dentist force in the separator in between my teeth, I thought my teeth was going to break or come off. I swear it was really uncomfortable, I could hardly eat probably because there's a slight pain. got five separator in total, three on top and two at the bottom, in dark blue.

Fourth dental appointment, take out the separator and put the metal thingy at the side of my top and bottom teeth.
 Outfit of the day, HW shorts and knitted top with big hair bun.

So this is the metal thingy that I'm talking about, when the dentist put this on to my tooth is was so weird, had to force in so it wouldn't come off and the blue thing you see is the cement. When it was all done, I had to rinse my mouth and all I can freaking taste is the cement. Damn gross and yucky. 

After that one of the lady came out to teach me how I am suppose to take care of my braces and how to brush and keep my teeth clean which is very important. So this is what I received from that lady.

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