Saturday, July 28, 2012

Blackhead or Blackhead not?


This is how it looks like, it cost 3.90$ for one dualsheet.
So the other day I went to Etude house with Sirong and then this sales lady approached us while I was looking for the other blackhead remover, Green Tea Nose Pack (GTNP), it cost 1.90$ if I didn't recall wrongly. Anyway, I couldn't find it so the sales lady introduce me the Blackhead Remover Dualsheet (BRD) and it's better than the GTNP as the BRD has two sheets, first is to open up the pores then the other is to close it.

That afternoon when I got back home from school, I notice how horrible my face complexion is so I decided to use the BRD as I'm lazy to do a facial mask as it too big for my face and there isn't any special occasion that's coming. Here's a close up look of my skin, how I wish I have nice complexion. Next week I'll probably share a secret with all of you on how I get rid of my pimples.

When I open up the BRD, I was shocked because I expected the first sheet to be like those normal blackhead remover sticker, but no. It's like a cotton wool thing, soaky soaky kinda feeling with some fruit smell and it's really really fragile, like it'll tear any time if you're too rough. So I quickly read the instruction and it seems like I'm suppose to leave that thing on my nose for 10-15 mins,  to let it draw out your pores. 

When I peel it off I was expecting that the pores will like come off to the 'cotton' but there's only like a few. 

This is how my nose look like after I peel off the first sheet, look at all the pores on my skin, horrified.
Please don't be a dumb dumb like me and use the second sheet immediately after the first without removing away the pores using the first sheet, as in wipe it off. If not you'll be tightening your pores back again, like this idiot, me. Lesson learned, can't wait to make my trip to Etude House to get this again.

Then when I open up the Tightening Gel Sheet, I was expecting something else and was super fascinated by the surface if the gel sheet, because it feels different. Anyway the gel sheet is really cooling, smooth and comfortable. Overall I think this product is really good compare to the normal blackhead remover as it's really dry and painful when you peel it off. So I really advice you guys to try this product if you have not! 

Happy girl is me after using it! 
Ok see all my pimples right, they're not there anyway already! 
I'll do a post on it soon, promise! 


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