Monday, July 02, 2012

Learn to love yourself

Avene sample products that my piano teacher gave me, after using the cleanse(not inside here) and the products in the photos. I decided to stop using Simple and change to Avene instead.

Bought this instead of the individual products cause it's very expensive and can save about 25-30$ 
Loving my Avene products, please take good care of my complexion

after washing face and the necessary, happy me! :)

Bought two new nail polish, got the yellow one cause I think if I paint my nails yellow, I'm feel happy just looking at it, so bright and pretty ^^

I know I painted it pretty ugly, but I tried my best.

wanted to try using eyebrow pencil, so got one from Daiso but ended up using it not only for brow but for eyeliner too.

So recently I've tried the centre parting, not really use to it cause I'm too insecure about my features especially my brows and eye.

Got the double eyelid tape and the unusual scissor, which is pretty useless maybe because the one I bought not good. Anyway, still practicing how to paste it correctly and nicely. Not really use to it, but sort of like it hehehe 

just a short update

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