Sunday, December 02, 2012

Fly away, far far away and not come back.

Wednesday afternoon, trip to the Airport.
Woke up early, wash up and had my breakfast while watching Prince of Tennis, by the way I have finished watching the entire series already kinda sad. After that, me being bored and lame, went to play with the hair straightener, to curl my hair. And this is how it looks like.

Photo taken using Camera360.

After that went to shower and cook my lunch. Prepare prepare then headed out already. 
What I wore that day, it's totally just black and white. White knitted top, Black lace shorts, Black tights, White Long Champ and White spike flats.

Meet Yuuchi at her place and headed to Lakeside MRT.
We took the green line all the way to Joo Koon then all the way to the air port, was a long trip. Lucky we were sitting down throughout the ride! Did lots of catching up, and of course laugh a lot. Soon we reached the airport, then Yuuchi say " Like no Airport feel" cause we're at the shops area. After that we went to buy Jellybeans! 
Strawberry cheesecake
Root Beer
Bubble Gum
Berry Blue
and ect...........


After that we headed to Pizza Hut cause this girl (Below) is hungry.
We ordered one student meal to share. Freeflow of sprite, which they didn't refill even once. There's soup and pizza too! :D

What's eating pizza without cheese, totally not the feel of eating pizza already!
CHEESE AND PIZZA, thumps up!

Took a photo together before heading out! 

After that we walk around and see what restaurants are available at the airport. 
There's ASTONS! So, we decided to have that for dinner since the price is reasonable there! 

After that we went to see the  airplanes take off. 

Don't know why, but I like this sign.

Better watch out for this spiky  flats, poke poke poke!
Dinner at ASTONS, happy souls are us! :D

Our receipt, total of 16.40$.
OH YES, there's a very very very adorable waiter working there! 
His face is like damn small please, so cute *.*

FOOD IS SERVED! Yuuchi had Fish 'n' Chips and I have BBQ Chicken.
Alright let us enjoy our food! It's damn delicious and I actually finished everything as for Yuuchi, she didn't finish hers! 

Since I manage to finish my meal first, I snap a shot of her digging her potato.
Look at her face, so concentrated xD

Alright, it was a fun and memorable day at the airport with the girl! 
And the most epic event that happen that day will remain there and in our hearts xD

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