Saturday, December 01, 2012

Short getaway to Malaysia.

Saturday late afternoon, after the wedding lunch, we headed back home and to settle down, rest and pack bag as my mama and I are heading to Malaysia together with my cousin. It was a two day one night trip there, we stayed over at my cousin's place, Leisure Farm. Their place was so much bigger to my own home. Had a really great time there, the food was not only great, yummy, delicious but are all cheaper compared to food in Singapore. The shopping mall there was great too but I could hardly find clothes that I like there though and the most regretful event was that I didn't buy that heels that I saw, well it was the last pair (the one on display), so I was hesitating whether to get it or not. In the end, I didn't because at that time I convinced myself that I'll find something else. SIGH.. Alright, I'll let the photos do the talking and of course I'll too! 

The sky view while we're heading to Malaysia, oh by the way the photos taken in this post are a mixture of using my iPhone and G12 because I didn't charge my G12 so it went flat and I have to rely on my iPhone. Simple as that, so bare with it! 

The journey from the Malaysia custom to my cousin's place was like a never ending road, we kept going and going but like gonna reach but NOT YET......... Finally, we reached Leisure Farm but...we're not at their home yet, so mama came driving and driving. And we reached, so we take our bags in and headed out in my cousin's car to Jusco for dinner and shopping. 

My cute niece, hehehe look at her expression xD
Lime smoothie, um actually I forgot already ops, my bad...

Tom Yam seafood noodle that mama and cousin shared.
Well, tom yam, not really my thing.

Salmon pasta, well, was a disapoint ment when it was serve because the photo on the menu look so much more appealing. Share this with my niece and I feed her after I finish my share since she ate so slow. :D
Well trained to be a mother....ok I was kidding xD

So after that we walk around, clothes to shoe shops and my niece kept saying she want to go home and "orhorh" already. Before we left the shopping mall, we bought some food back. I went to buy donut and it was freaking cheap, it's like S$1 only I think. My cousin went to buy coffee bun, less then S$1 I think and it's really nice!!! 
We headed back, had a shower and the watch television for abit and then headed to bed. My cousin's bed, pillow and blanket all so comfy! The air condition was awesome too! 

Day two.
As usual, I woke up extremely early, so I went to have coffee bun and milo. 

After that I went to woke my nice up. 

Went to have breakfast with my relative. Wan Ton noodle and fried wan ton.
The noodle not really nice though, I still think Sg one is nicer. :)

Headed back to their place as my cousin was preparing. Then we headed Holiday Plaza to shop! 
I got myself a collar top and jean romper there and also bought my facial cleanser there as I expected it'll be cheaper! 
What I wore on that day. HW with gray bunny top.
The shirt so adorable, OMG I can't even! xD
Do my niece look cool here, :p 

We heading to KSL mall for lunch, the car park there was damn packed! Took us awhile to get a parking lot! We had our lunch at Kim Gary Restaurant HK. The meal there is damn cheap please! 
Soup of the day for the meal we ordered. The price is less than 15RM I think, you're never get a price like that in Sg....

French toast for appetizer. 
Black pepper hotplate winks too! The sauce is a winner, no joke, it was really really delicious! The more you eat, the hotter it gets xD

This is what I have, if you don't want rice, you can choose pasta instead! 

After that we shopped for alittle while before heading back. So when we were getting out of the car park it was all jammed up! My god, everyone should be panicking that it's already evening need to hurry back to Singapore, HAHAH. So, everybody was hoping there one will give way but there's some drivers damn thick skin kept wanna cut in! Damned. 

Before we head back to Sg, mama and cousin had their car for a car wash that was really cheap and the service was good! :) The snow wash was pretty cool, too bad I was to lazy to take pictures as I was attacked by mosquitoes. After that we're back at Singapore already. 

All the items I got from the trip!

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