Saturday, June 08, 2013


So, I finally finish transferring, organizing and collage the photos in my iPhone and G12 to my Notebook. Took me sometime to finish since I'm like doing half here and there, oh well lazy Jojo is lazy like always. Anyway, I'm almost done blogging about the recent outings, just about another few more. There's the retail therapy with "aunties", NikeSheRuns with B&N, meet up with sweetheart Y and maybe there's more that I missed out. 

As for now, I'll be blogging about the love of my life. Ahhh just the thought of it puts a smile on my face. We both want this to work so badly, both of us are tired of past r/s downfall repeating and so far I think we're doing pretty well. At some point of any argument, one of us would start to whine and whine and whine and.....(cont) and that's how we usually make up. So blessed to have him in my life. At the start I wasn't sure if I was ready for this as the fear of hearing these words "You're too clingy" kept reminding me how each past r/s falls because of that. Then he told me "I'm not your EXs." well that's for sure and I don't ever want you to be one. 

The highlight of the year so far, it happened on his birthday..Just about two weeks before his birthday, I started preparing his present, was my first time doing something like this for a friend/a guy/someone I'm madly in love with, went through all the trouble > printing photos, buying pins, board, I even when to learn for to fold paper hearts, writing notes and deciding to buy. Celebrated his birthday with his friend at town. Something made me think that he's really gonna ask me to be his girlfriend that night, so I waited all the way back to Jurong and he finally asked me. I felt like I was the happiest girl, could stop smiling even after I got home. 

On random days, we would meet up after school for dinner together.

Nights where we would skype and watch a movie together like this

Accompanied dear boy for a hair cut, I have to say he look so so so much more attractive after he trimmed his hair and I told him to keep his hair at this length and he's like "HELL NO" sigh pie jo........ And he couldn't stop complaining and whining how much he miss his long fringe. All I could say is "IT'LL FREAKING GROW, CHILL."

Our first monthsary, spent the night before skypeing and playing bs with my boy, swear it was such a perfect night. I didn't even notice that it was already 12 midnight until my boy sent me the text, I'm like "awwwww" cause we're actually skypeing hehehe

Something unfortunate happened during our monthsary date, clumsy and careless me lost our movie ticket just as we are about to go in. Sigh and I was like "what have I done, I just ruined my very first monsary date just like that" Went for barbecue stingray at Taman Jurong then went for a walk at Jurong Lake Park. After that we headed to the park at the top of my place's car park. Lepak awhile before we part ways. 

Godwin's birthday celebration
On night like this.... Are we silly or cute?

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