Thursday, June 06, 2013


Second trip to VIVO CITY with classmates, this time with my pretty girlfriends. So we planned the trip like a week in advance, Jun suggest to have a meal at Pastamania so we headed to Harbourfront right after school. As for the dress code of the day, DRESS. My bf happen to complains that I always dress so nice to school and when I'm with him I dress like crap. Oh well. suck it up yoz. After our meal we when to shop around at vivo, we went to cotton and all of us bought something. I bought a sport bra that which freaking cost me 25 bucks. I got another sport bra at Royal Sporting House, Nike @ 16 bucks I think, it's 70% off, awesome! Then after that we went to F21 and I tried this pair of wedges.
After that we headed home, X

MST is finally over and can finally lay back alittle for three weeks. Although there's one more assignment yet to be done, some pledge powerpoint presentation thingy. So annoying, it just had to ruin the three week break. Anyway, putting that aside, after my foundation mathematics paper in Friday, we headed down to vivo city again. Had much fun with girlfriends and of course what's us without being "glamorous", weird and awesome right. Acting all "ATAS" at the newly open Starbucks, planned candid shots and photo bomb strangers. Then hoping and being all "enthu" at the shopping mall. Testing out how we look like in boxers? Male trousers/bums?  Camwhoring at F21 and only got warned that photography is not allowed when we're done already, bitch please. 

Oh yes, here's just some wishful thinking but really, when will I have my own pair of converse sneakers, Dr Mart, Polaroid.... Oh well, constantly reminding myself to be content with what I already have.



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