Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Hi, I was suppose to be watching "I'm in charge" on Mio's Video On Demand but I already watch all 18 episodes and they only have it till episode 18. So I decided to do a blog post about myself. Surprisingly the blog post Over the Years had a pretty huge amount of hits, I guess you guys must be enjoying laughing at how I look before hehehe. So here's 10 facts about me!

1. Ever since I had my braces on, I always take photo with me smiling widely and showing off my pretty braces since I could hardly smile with my mouth close. 
2.Every month, I will at least have a ulcer or two and this happens ever since I got my braces. 
3.I have a very huge nose and it gets bigger when I smile which really sucks.
4.I love to frown and I would actually ask my friends if they could frown because I do have friends that can't frown. Then I'll be like "WHYYYYYYYYYYY" heheheh
5. I can be very full of nonsense, playful er maybe alittle overly crazy with people I'm really close with. It's not a side many gets to see unless, me and that person is like really close.

Okay.....I'm half way there and I'm kinda stuck now

6. I have really tiny hands. Struggling through my piano grade 7. Sighpie
7. I'm very sensitive and sometimes I let it gets the best of me.
8. I love to run my fingers along people's collar bone.
9. If I could, one day I wanna have a house by the beach and I wanna learn how to surf.
10. I prefer people calling me Jay, Jojo, Jo instead of  Joey cause some people have the tendency to drag the "eeeeeeeeeey"  or stressing on the "eeeeey"

Yay, 10 facts about me done!  
Hopefully I'll do this much more often but I'll do it only when I have nothing to blog about I guess.
Till next time then!


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