Saturday, June 22, 2013


Turning seventeen in less than 12 hours. Few days back I woke up and had this thought on my mind and I just lay in bed thinking if I had the life I wanted, much more freedom from parents, not having to reach home before 12 midnight, going over to boyfriend's place or friend's place for sleepovers, going out at night for supper with friends and much more... Can't help but to envy the life of some of my friends or bloggers, if I had that sort of freedom, life would have been awesome. So I guess, if I want any present I would risk wanting Dr Mart, Converse, Polaroid and much more for freedom. 

I've yet to turn 17 and here I am being oh so excited for my 18th birthday next year. I mean who isn't excited to be a 18 when you're actually 17 only, right? Ok, maybe there's that tiny percentage that will disagree but it's like whatever yeah? It seriously sucks to be a teenager, where you're too young for half the things you wanna do and too old to do the other half. And what's worst, I grew up so excited to be a teenager and this is all the crap I have to face now. Seriously this isn't even close to the teenage life I want. 

Just felt the need to get this off my mind and chest. 
Just a piece of thought I had...



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