Friday, August 09, 2013

Weekly updates

Weekly updates for the month July.

The first day of the week was really bad, basically the start of July was actually really really bad to begin with. Just really glad to be home from school. 

Due to the wet weather, our run during sports for life is cancel again. So we had free games but before that we had to do like a few sets of static exercises which really really cause muscle aches. After that played badminton with classmate, was a really good match. So much laughter yo! Fall ill that night, postponed my piano lesson to Friday but end up canceling it as teacher think I have insufficient rest. Oh well.

Verbal reflection test for cas. Was so nervous as I was like the second one.
Just  really happy to be over and done with it and that my grade was not bad too. After that stayed back to complete pledge project with group members. 

Yay, it's only a day away to Friday, can finally get to meet my dearest lee!

After school, stayed back to do pledge project again. Then around 3 plus trained to bukit batok for movie date with my boy. Caught World War Z, it was really nice although I was alittle scare and I kept hugging his arm. After that we went Jcube kopitam for dinner and got our first SharedTea, Yan smoothie W pudding&pearl. I ended up eating the pearls when I said don't ordered the pearl..... My boyfriend the best, eat away all the pudding ):. After that we headed to my place to crash. 

Nothing much, spent my day at home.

Was told the day before that Sunday morning going for breakfast with family and grandparents. 
So I made the effort to wake up early since I usually take super long to prepare and blah. But I had more then enough time, resulting in me taking selfie hehehe 

Later part of the day, my bf came over to accompany me and of course making my day better. As usual we just lepak in my room.I cooked dinner as requested by him. Porridge and a few normal dishes since there isn't much to cook at home too.

First week of July down, moving on!

Again, oh so blue-weeee.
Today is the day where we will present our pledge presentation that we have worked on. Was really nervous, like always. After the presentation, we waited for teacher to release us. Then we headed to Jcube for pastamania and did alittle shopping at H&M. All of us bought similar tote bags for just 7.90$ each!

Went to business block for lunch break with cherlee and the class. The food was awesome, cheap and filling! Then teacher gave us a ride back to T7. Today two bad things happened, firstly I hyperventilated after 2.4 run then I injured my finger when I was playing basketball with my friends. Sigh...

Impromptu movie date with classmate after school! We went to catch.....
DESPICABLE ME 2, YAY! Before the movie had KFC chicken rice for lunch, was really yummy and filling!  


This is basically a sum up of the first two weeks of July!

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