Sunday, July 11, 2010

Can i?

I really don't know how long i can go anymore, because i'll really fall anytime. I no longer have the strengh to be strong and be fine. Beacuse i really want to stop being what i'm not, please. I feel so stupid of myself, acting like i'm fine and strong. When i'm not fine, so weak and so mess up. I can't do anything to make things fine because there's no solution, nothing at all. And even i try, you wouldn't let me. Tell me, what am i suppose to do? You already know how i felt and everything yet you didn't even say anything,

If i were to ask you that question. I wonder what your answer will be, i guess it's for me to go fine out. But i fear your respond is something i don't wanna hear. I'll admit is, i'm afraid and i fear that i will not have you. Because i wanted you so much.

I shall just wait alittle longer.

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