Saturday, July 31, 2010

One better day.

Day out with Sirong, Her little brother and Nadia ^^

Saturday, 31.7.2010
Woke up at 8.30am and received a message from Sirong, meeting early to eat breakfast together. So quickly go bath and pack my stuff. Then use the computer in the morning. Soon i off the computer and went out. Walked to Sirong's bus stop there. Wahlao, her brother damn cute one okay, look like her leh ^^ Keke, reach jurong point first while Nadia still waiting for bus. So went to Mac first, waited for her to come then go buy. Hot cake meal and i can't believe i finish the whole thing. Gonna get fat lah.

Then soon we train to jurong west stadium, pay for the entrance fee. Sirong's brother can't do the exercises. How sad right, then he must sit down and see us do. Sad sad. Okayy, put that aside, after we check in we went to change to our clothes. First we went to do th cycling one, i like it. Then went to do weights and balancing thingy. Then do the pull the thing one, forgot the name -.- Then go plank -.- Lol, after that we do t he track run thingy. And i fell down, shall not elaborate much. My leg now don't know like what la. Damn pain okay, the friction make it burn ):

Then soon we went back already, get change and everything. Then went down already, bought drinks and then i found out i lost my phone ): Then i stay to panic leh, :$ Then went back to gym to find, PHEW IT'S AT THERE. SAFE AT THERE! Scare me ): Then walk back to mrt. Cam-whore in the train. Shall upload those photo soon?

Home, shower and lunch.
Cumputer and nap nap.

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